What are the advantages of fleet management?

RAM Tracking has a large number of benefits that you gain by using our fleet management system. You are able to not only track your entire fleet of vehicles but, we also help you to save time and money. We would be more than happy to go through the various ways that fleet management can help your business.

Apple Mac showing the RAM Tracking live map and two iPhones showing the RAM Tracking and RAM Assist apps

Track your fleet wherever you are

One of the best things that comes along with fleet management is that your company is able to see where your fleet vehicles are whenever you need to.

  • Check this information through the web app in the office
  • We have a mobile app so you can check your fleet on the go
  • We also offer a mobile app for drivers too

The driver app can be used to carry out vehicle checks, fill out fuel purchases, log mileage and so much more.


Black car is passing a blue lorry with a white trailer attached

Save time and money

GPS fleet tracking benefits your company in a number of ways, for example, saving time and money. RAM Tracking offers you a range of important insights such as idle time as well as your private mileage time. By gaining insights into these areas you can coach your drivers so they are more productive and efficient on the road which leads to less fuel wasted daily.

  • Utilizing our route replay allows you to see the route your drivers followed, as well as if they were speeding in the area
  • Look in-depth into the report which helps you to optimize the routes so all of your drivers are able to go to all of their locations whilst covering less ground
  • Gain driver behaviour information, which gives you a score for each driver. This shows you at a glance the driver's behaviour score. This will also give you information on which vehicles are likely to suffer from additional wear and tear from habits such as rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

Our customers find that they save money every week by utilizing our system. This covers the cost of the system.


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Security for your vehicles and non-powered assets

One of the largest benefits of utilizing a GPS fleet management system is that you have quick access to a real-time map.

  • You get to gain more in-depth visibility over your entire fleet
  • If a vehicle is stolen, you have real-time location tracking
  • This allows you to give the current location to the authorities which helps speed up the recovery process

You gain additional peace of mind as you understand that if the worst is to happen, the vehicle is more likely to be recovered quickly.


Apple Mac showing the RAM Tracking live map with a red geofence on it

Geofence for additional control

Fleet tracking allows you to gain a much deeper understanding through easy-to-read insights. You get to see when employees arrive onsite at the start of their day and when they leave each site.

Geofencing helps you with insights even more:

  • Quickly create polygon geofences that surround areas your tracked vehicles will enter and exit
  • Get notifications when a tracked vehicle has entered a predetermined location
  • If you park in one location overnight you understand when a driver's day began or ended as they leave the parking site

This allows you to understand which drivers need additional coaching. You know if they are starting late or leaving early, allowing you to get the most out of your fleet's day and if a vehicle has been stolen or if they have left a site outside of work hours so you understand private mileage.


3 different vehicles in front of an iPhone showing the RAM Tracking mobile app

Used by thousands of businesses worldwide to monitor their fleets

Fleet management ensures that you can track any number of vehicles - there is no limit, as long as your vehicles have a tracker in place, you will have information on the vehicle. Additionally, it doesn't matter if you are a novice with fleet management, you can easily understand the insights.

With RAM Tracking, you can track a range of vehicles:

  • Company cars
  • Electric vehicles
  • Delivery vans 
  • Lorries
  • Trailers

RAM Tracking provides information of the current location of your vehicles on a live map making it incredibly easy to read, keeping you updated on your drivers whereabouts so you can maintain a high level of productivity across your business.


Are you ready to get started?

Save time and money whilst reducing pain points for your fleet manager. A streamlined system creates a better way to create a more productive fleet ensuring you have quick and easy access to vital information.

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