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Learn how RAM Tracking has helped our service sector customers reduce fuel costs, demonstrate duty of care and reduce emissions.

Transport and logistics

As the 21st century economy accelerates at an ever-increasing pace, customers are demanding no hiccups or interruptions to their supply chains. RAM Tracking built its GPS tracking app for the toughest logistically challenges today and tomorrow, regardless of the curve balls customers, the weather, road conditions and other unforeseen situations throw your way.

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to service sector companies

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to service sector companies

Taking advantage of vehicle tracking devices to track logistics can quickly improve business productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it can help identify existing problems that were previously concealed from the business e.g. engine idling. Business benefits include;

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Increased productivity from drivers
  • More optimum route planning
  • Timesheet verification
  • Improved driver safety

Be the Strongest Link in Your Customers’ Supply Chain

Be the Strongest Link in Your Customers’ Supply Chain

You may be operating a separate company, but you are a link in every customer’s supply chain. RAM Tracking GPS makes you the strongest link, because it helps you exceed your customers’ expectations for speedy, on-time and efficient deliveries. Plus, your track record gives you a competitive advantage when bidding on new contracts.

You’ll have complete control of your fleet management, so you’re ready to dispatch your vehicles and people effectively before they arrive for work or even start their engines. RAM Tracking’s real-time GPS tracker is the only tool you need to do your part to improve your customers’ logistics.

With a GPS mobile tracking, you’ll be able to maximize your drivers’ delivery proficiency and reduce real-time oversight. Your drivers will appreciate a system that allows for more self-management and instills a renewed confidence you trust them to contribute to every delivery’s efficiency.

Quickly adjust routes, put lost drivers back on track and constantly inform customers of changes to ETAs. They’ll be able to fine-tune their personnel’s preparations for deliveries, so your drivers are on the road to the next customer, smiling that they’re on time.

Keep Everything in View

Keep everything in view

RAM Tracking’s GPS vehicle tracking system is almost like X-ray vision. Access your dashboard from any device, from anywhere for complete visibility of your vehicles’ locations. You’ll also be able to monitor their routes, travel and onsite time usage, gauge fuel efficiency and assess driver productivity in real-time.

Reducing vehicle and driver downtime is critical to an efficient operation and maximum daily revenues. Use your total view of everything to see when a job or a delivery route is completed. You can then send the closest, idle vehicle/driver to a new job or quickly assume the route or work of another driver because of a disabled vehicle or other emergency. 

Even the most efficient team must move quickly to complete jobs and routes on time, but you don’t want them consistently exceeding the speed limit. From your RAM Tracking dashboard, you’ll be able to check vehicle speeds, inform drivers and provide alternate routes or other suggestions to avoid police stops and expensive citations.

Key Features

Multiple Drivers

The RAM GPS tracking system allows companies to monitor and manage the location of thousands of drivers in real time through our system user interface.

private mileage

RAM Tracking allows companies to quickly spot any unauthorised usage of vehicles and an easy fob system can be used when allowing for some private use.


Our vehicle tracking devices work on cars, vans and trucks to ensure that every movement is accurately recorded and to prove/disprove any disputes.

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