Save Time and Money With Our Van Tracking System

Keeping your fleet effective and reducing costs is incredibly important for a business owner, it's important to make a positive impact to your bottom line where possible. The utilization of a van tracking system is incredibly effective in achieving this as you can monitor your fleet of vehicles with ease.

On average, our customers have reported a 15-20% increase in productivity after implementing RAM Tracking GPS tracking systems into their vehicles.

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How can van tracking benefit my business?

A van tracking system helps you to understand the current location of your vans at all times. This information can help you:

  • Send the closest van to a job last minute.
  • Help to reduce fuel costs.
  • Reduce travel time.

A van tracker can help you to reduce the money you spend on refueling vehicles. By utilizing information collected by the van tracker you can identify drivers that have poor driving habits, for example, rapid acceleration and harsh braking, reducing the number of instances of poor driver habits can help you to reduce fuel consumption. 

If you use van tracking information properly, you can cut down on the amount of unproductive time, like seeing how long a driver spends driving as well and how long they spend on a job site. You'll find that your daily productivity will increase alongside increase profits.

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Streamline operations with van tracking

Van tracking systems are a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better customer service. Combining all of the ways that van tracking helps businesses add significant savings from both the overhead cost of fuel and van maintenance..

This can be increased further by using our job management software which can automate a lot of processes along with:

  • Assigning jobs based on location.
  • Reassign jobs with ease if problems arise. 
  • Proof of work with customer signatures via the app upon job completion.
  • All sheets can be customized to suit any business.
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Who uses van tracking systems?

We support a wide variety of customers from a range of industries so they can effectively implement GPS trackers into their company. This is across the entirety of Canada and beyond - we help ensure that once the van trackers are in place, they are able to oversee and manage their entire business fleet from one easy-to-use location with ease.

Image of delivery driver signing for a package beside his tracked van

Delivery services

As a delivery service that needs to understand where both the van and its assets are to update customers, van trackers are an incredibly valuable piece of hardware. You can see a range of things:

  • Idling and therefore reducing productivity for the day.
  • Not taking a shorter route.
  • Speeding and bad behavior.
  • Signature capture for proof of delivery.

Van trackers allow you to bring all this information in to help understand if action needs to be taken due to wasted resources or low efficiency throughout the day.

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Van tracking systems offer tradespeople a valuable tool for optimizing business operations, increasing productivity, and elevating customer service. The real-time insights provided by these systems enable tradespeople to make data-informed decisions that result in cost savings, improved resource management, and enhanced service quality. This, in turn, can lead to greater customer loyalty and business success.

Van tracking benefits tradespeople by:

  • Optimizing routes. 
  • Reducing fuel costs. 
  • Enhancing productivity.
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Key Features


Understand where your drivers are in real-time, this helps you to deal with jobs quickly by sending the person closest to the job site.


Utilize van tracking to back up customer invoices, you can provide proof of attendance quickly and see how long they were on site.


Van trackers allow you to properly deal with any expenses. Digitize the process - your driver no longer has to hold onto receipts for weeks until they are back in the office.


You can reduce your fuel costs and increase the number of jobs that are completed day-to-day through optimized routes and job assignment.

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