Van GPS Tracking Solutions

RAM Tracking utilises GPS technology to help businesses keep track of their fleet of vans. Whether you’re a business wanting to provide more accurate ETAs to your customers or you want to monitor out-of-office usage on your vehicles, our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system can help. RAM Tracking Canada provides a fully integrated tracking solution that includes a van tracker, installation, analysis software and mobile app all in one.

Why use van tracking?

Van tracking has proved to help businesses across Canada improve productivity, reduce fuel costs and provide better fleet management. Just a few reasons for trying out our van trackers are:

Driver management: Our award winning telematics software allows you to accurately and instantly pinpoint the real-time location of your drivers so that you can make better dispatch decisions as well as monitor arrival and departure times from jobs.

Proof of work: Van tracking allows you to provide proof of work without any doubt. You can instantly dispute allegations of late arrival, compare telematics data to timesheet entries and analyse your data to provide more accurate cost estimations for future jobs.

Data analysis: Our suite of automatic reporting allow businesses in Canada to analyse their fleet data quickly and easily. Whether a business wants to find out if drivers have been driving recklessly or how much has been spent on fuel, RAM Tracking can generate easy-to-read reports in a matter of seconds.

Who uses van tracking?

RAM Tracking devices are used on both sides of the Atlantic and help serve over 4,500 customers on a daily basis. Our devices are fitted into couriers, transportation vehicles and public sector fleets to provide telematics data on over 40,000 vehicles.

Van tracking is used daily to help provide real-time fleet management without the stress or burden of extra paperwork. To ensure that businesses in Canada are getting the best from our software we provide unlimited bespoke training to staff members as part of the cost.

Why choose RAM Tracking?

RAM Tracking are one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in Canada and have recently been awarded by Investor in Customers for outstanding customer service levels. As well as this, we’re one of the few van tracking companies to provide such a wide variety of features such as:

  • Automated reports: Our van tracking software allows businesses to automatically sift through the data, analyse it and generate a professionally presented report. Users can generate reports on fuel usage, out of office usage, speeding, vehicle location and even when each van in the fleet is next needing a service check.
  • Email alert system: Combined with our reporting is an innovative email alert system. Alerts can be set up and will proactively tell you if a van is in use outside of office hours or if a driver has exceeded the speed limit for example.
  • GPS Coverage: All of our van trackers come with the functionality to use a SIM card so vans can be tracked regardless of signal
  • Expert installation: Covered in your costs is the installation of the tracker into your van or vans. Our customer success team  will arrange a time convenient to you and install the tracker even on your premises as to not cause any disruption to your day-to-day operations

To find out more any van tracking and how RAM Tracking can help save your business thousands of dollars, speak to us or request a no-obligation and free quote today.