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Van Tracking Systems: Save Time And Money

When you are the business owner or manager, you understand the importance of ensuring your fleet is effective whilst keeping your costs down in the process. A van tracking system is the most effective way to help do this by monitoring your fleet of vehicles. 

GPS van trackers (or van tracking devices) are an efficient way to get the real-time information about your fleet of vans, helping you make the informed decisions that are required when aiming to save resources such as time and money.

Our customers report a 15-20% improvement in their driver productivity once they implemented RAM Tracking GPS tracking systems.

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Man checking the deliver order for a customer in his van being tracked by RAM Tracking

Van driver tracking & good customer service

  • Accountability. Van tracking assists you when holding drivers accountable for their actions on the road. You see their behavior and can generate driver reports to gain a more thorough understanding of your best and worst-behaved drivers. You could even then incentivize drivers to keep up good driving habits, a small gift for the drivers at the top of the table will help ensure drivers keep up their good behaviors. Additionally, offer those at the bottom of the leader board coaching to help improve their performance going into the next month. 
  • Efficiency. Van tracking allows you to proactively optimize your route planning. Enabling you to look through previously travelled routes and avoid areas they may experience frequent idle times.  You can also ensure that you look for areas where routes can be shortened and optimised – reducing fuel costs.
  • Customer service. Improve your customer service using a van tracking system. When a customer is waiting for someone to arrive onsite, rather than wasting time having to call up your driver to find out where they are and then call the customer again to let them know how long it’ll be before they arrive, you can see their current location and provide an accurate ETA straight away, whilst also keeping on top of potential delays. Live sharing can also be used if you wish to share to a customer how far away their worker or delivery is for example.

Need to track another type of vehicle? Then don’t worry, RAM Tracking offers a wide range vehicle tracking systems capable of tracking trucks, cars, fleets and EVs (electric vehicles).

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