Why use van GPS tracking?

Van tracking has proved to help businesses across Canada improve productivity, reduce fuel costs and provide better fleet management. A few reasons for trying out our van trackers are: Driver management: Accurately and instantly pinpoint the real-time location of your drivers so that you can make better dispatch decisions as well as monitor arrival and departure times. Proof of work: You can instantly dispute allegations of late arrival, compare telematics data to timesheet entries and analyze your data to provide more accurate cost estimations for future jobs. Data analysis: Our suite of automatic reporting allow businesses in Canada to analyze their fleet data quickly and easily. 


Who use van GPS tracking?

We help many customers, from many different industries, who utilize our van GPS tracking system to keep track of thousands of vehicles across Canada. Our van GPS trackers are perfect for any business wanting to oversee and manage their entire business fleet.

Site based services

Site based services

From builders, to plumbers, to locksmiths, we are perfect for any business who employs individual contractors. Any business who charge customers by the hour and work remotely will benefit from GPS van tracking.

Delivery services

Delivery services

 Our van tracker is ideal for delivery services. Keep track of drivers en route, check for extended stops and document your drivers’ efficiency.


Live and historical reporting

Live and historical reporting

We create easy to read automated reports, so you don’t have to spend time pulling together data for all your vehicles. Everything is presented in an easy-to-read visual format with options for weekly, monthly and annual timelines. View reports on everything from fuel usage to your employee’s weekly routes.

Automated email alerts

Automated email alerts

Receive customisable email alerts on a range of features. From ignition alerts to help you keep track of employee’s out-of-hours vehicle usage, to reminders when a vehicle’s M.O.T is due, choose the most convenient option for you.



We offer roaming sim cards as standard to any of our customers who work in rural or low signal areas. That way you always have the best signal.

Key Features


Know where your drivers are with our GPS tracking devices and allocate jobs. Use reports and timesheets for accurate working hours to save time.


Back up your customer invoices and resolve billing disputes quickly by having data on deliveries, time-on-site and pick-ups.


Avoid unnecessary fuel usage by monitoring private use of van and ensuring all fuel claimed is being submitted correctly.


Accurately calculate or forecast how much a specific job will cost using our suite of financial automated reports.

Van Tracking FAQs

RAM Tracking are one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in Canada, we have the answers to most questions from our customers. To help you better understand who we are and how our GPS van tracking devices work we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for simply give us a call on 1-866-998-9335 we are more than happy to help.


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