Multi-camera Systems For Vehicles

We've all been in situations where we wished there had been visual proof that something happened to explain an event. Increasingly, businesses are finding rogue road users making insurance blame claims at the expense of innocent drivers.

Having a multi-camera system in place can exonerate any driver that gets into a situation where no witnesses or a lack of evidence could have led to a less favorable outcome for insurance claims. In the event of a claim, businesses will be able to notify the insurance companies in an instant, vital for the first notification of loss (FNOL) usually required within an hour of the incident taking place. 

Image of a delivery driver smiling before delivering boxes.

Driver Monitoring And Behavior

In addition to the protection of drivers in road incidents, there is an option to have a camera in a multi-camera system pointing internally toward the driver. These cameras:

  • Highlight any potential behavioral issues and distractions that could affect a driver's performance.
  • Help managers correct issues to make the drivers safer.
  • With drivers performing more safely, this is also less likely to lead to at-fault incidents which can cost businesses in damages and vehicle time off the road.
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image of a driver in an lorry who is being monitored by an internally facing multi-camera system.

Leading Multi-Camera Vehicle Tech

As with all of our technology, we provide industry-leading technology at a fantastic price - our robust and durable cameras offer an impressive 150° viewing angle in crystal clear HD resolution. This can be viewed in near real-time and with multi-roaming 4G connectivity (with unrivalled North American coverage).

  • All footage is recorded and stored in the cloud, allowing you to collect the footage as you require it.
  • There is no need to purchase additional storage.
  • Reduce concerns about the damage/theft of the camera equipment, impacting your capabilities to be able to access the footage in the event of an accident.
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Image of a delivery driver smiling before delivering boxes.

The benefits of Multi-Camera Systems

The benefits of a multi-camera system encompass improved safety, enhanced security, increased situational awareness, and a wide range of applications that rely on comprehensive visual data capture and analysis. Some of the everyday benefits include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Multi-camera systems can significantly improve safety by providing a significant view around a vehicle or an area.
  • Fleet Management: In the case of commercial vehicles, multi-camera systems are useful for fleet management for monitoring behavior and driver safety.
  • Recording Evidence: In the event of incidents, the multi-camera system can record multiple perspectives, providing crucial evidence for insurance claims or investigations.
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Key Features

Driver Behavior

Use camera evidence to highlight concerning behavioral issues and driver distractions and avoid future issues.

Cloud Storage

Never run out of space for footage with cloud storage and access it anytime, even whilst drivers are still on the road.

Driver Safety

Cameras enhance driver safety by constantly monitoring and alerting fleet managers in the event of an incident.


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