How Checkpoints Can Help Your Business

Checkpoints function through the utilization of GPS technology and location services.. This enables drivers to accurately mark their presence at specific locations and input relevant information regarding the assigned vehicle. As a result, fleet managers gain a comprehensive log of the driver's and assigned vehicle's visited locations.

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Innovative Proof Of Delivery For Your Drivers

If you're looking to collect proof of attendance, Checkpoints are the perfect way to do this. 

  • Your field team can simply fill in information at the location within the app.
  • The notes come with a time and date stamp.
  • A notification email will be sent when completed to make the fleet manager aware.

This information can then be recalled to reduce the chances of disputes as you can prove that they attended.

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Keep your field team accountable

By ensuring that your mobile team are carrying out checkpoints, you keep them accountable for any and all work completed.

  • They must complete the work and write up the notes at the location.
  • If there is a job assigned to a time and day, you can talk to those workers individually as to why it hasn’t been completed.
  • You can see the time they finished the previous job and if they have taken a very long time to get to the next job.

These documents exist to prove who is responsible and accountable for each stage of the attendance and can help with any possible customer disputes or legal issues

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Track every step of the journey

Having this proof of delivery and work allows you to track whereabouts of your workers and job progress.

  • When, where and by whom did the delivery start? When did they pass it on to the next stage?
  • Trace order or service fulfillment with ease as you see each step directly in front of you.
  • Management of jobs is made easier and you can see which stage and by whom it was that things broke down if a customer makes a complaint.

It couldn’t be easier to understand the process and you can help customers resolve any issues or disputes they have as well as being able to give them a timeline of when the job will be completed.

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Immediate notifications of events

Immediate notifications of events

Being in the loop of what is going on is incredibly important when you are managing the chain of events.

  • Get a notification on job completion, this allows you to keep other customers up to date on the start time of their job
  • Having this information to hand allows you to see if there are some drivers who are working at a slower pace, is this due to harder work or are they idling between jobs?
  • Never miss a notification, it comes straight to your phone

You stay on top of everything that is going on in the company, as it happens. 

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