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Why use a truck GPS tracker?

If your business utilizes truck transportation for its day-to-day operations, you need to ensure that the goods that you are delivering arrive on time. With a large fleet, ensuring this happens can be difficult, however, that's where a truck tracking system comes in. RAM Tracking's truck tracking device helps you to keep on top of your vehicles, allowing you to save time and money as well as ensuring you avoid being hit with costly fines. 

  • Utilizing the information that a truck tracking system collects allows you to save money on fuel, proactively look at the routes that your drivers are taking and make changes to them to help reduce the distance that they travel to use less fuel per journey. Fuel costs will account for roughly 17-32% of a vehicle's annual operating cost, so finding ways to cut those costs is important.
  • You can monitor driver behaviour through our detailed driver behaviour reports that allows you to find out instances of harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, idle time and much more. This report takes all of this information into account and provides you with a driver score, so you can see your driver's behaviour at a glance.
  • Using a truck GPS ensures that in the worst-case scenario that one of the trucks is stolen, you can look at the web app and provide the authorities with live information of the current location allowing you to quickly recover your vehicle.

Who uses GPS truck tracking?

Delivery services

Our GPS tracking devices for trucks are the perfect solution for any delivery company. They provide you with real-time information on the location and status of your trucks, letting you gain a more thorough understanding of your drivers productivity – whether they’re keeping to their schedule or if they are taking extended breaks and driving erratically.

Freight transport

Utilizing tracking system for trucks is invaluable for any heavy goods vehicle operators that work within the freight transport industry. Day-in, day-out you are transporting goods that belong to others, and therefore, having knowledge on the real-time location of the lorries that hold these goods is of the utmost importance. Using our tracking systems for trucks allows you to look in the web app or on the mobile app and gain instant knowledge of each vehicles current location. This provides fleet managers with peace of mind at an affordable price.

Consumer goods

If your fleet transports consumer goods as part of your business, yet it isn't your primary service, it can be difficult to ensure that you have enough time and resources put aside to ensure it is done properly. But with the use of GPS tracking system for trucks, we make it easy for you. The stress is taken away from you as you immediately, as you gain an understanding of the current location of the goods you are transporting as well as your employees. Additionally, having awareness of your truck drivers live locations also make it easier to inform customers, massively improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer service.

Do you require GPS tracking for another vehicle type? RAM Tracking also offers a wide range of GPS tracking systems for vans, fleets, cars and electric vehicles.

What are the features of our tracking systems for trucks? 

The RAM Tracking system following a truck on its journey including the driver information and their driving, stopped and idle time.

Truck tracking online

RAM Tracking's GPS tracking solution for trucks grants you immediate access to our central database, which provides you with real-time information on your tracked vehicles. Additionally, you can access our reporting function, which gives you historical data instantly. Once you log in to the web app, you can view your tracked trucks on Google Maps and track their location in real-time, keeping you up-to-date with their progress on a job.

With our GPS tracking for trucks, you can monitor your employees' whereabouts at all times, allowing you to manage crucial resources such as time and money more efficiently.


A truck driving on the road - in the top right of the image there are some of the reports on offer; Travel Report, Private Report, Detail Report and Idle Report

Customizable reports

RAM Tracking offers over 25 different historical reports that you can use to collect information whether they’re for an individual truck, multiple trucks or even the entire fleet. You start by choosing your report, the vehicle/s you want to report on and then the time frame you want to search the information from. Choose from:

  • Travel reports
  • Idle reports
  • Driver behaviour reports

These will provide you with data that is easy-to-read, cutting your admin time drastically. So, there’s no need to collate everything within an Excel document anymore, RAM Tracking are here to do the heavy lifting for you.

Save time and money by utilizing factual data and implementing actionable changes within your fleet by getting your hands on RAM Tracking’s GPS truck tracking systems.

If you feel you’re company requires a little admin help, check out RAM Tracking’s comprehensive Job Management System now!


Many vehicles on multiple roads with three of them circled to show coverage - in the top left of the image, there is a Satellite as our coverage is through GPS

Powerful coverage 

Here at RAM Tracking, we understand keeping track of your vehicles can be very stressful, especially if you're operating in areas with low signal strength or in rural areas. Losing signal can result in incomplete data, which may leave you in the dark about your trucks' whereabouts. That's why we offer roaming SIM cards as standard for our customers who work in areas with low signal strength. These SIM cards are designed to ensure that your GPS tracking system remains connected, even when your vehicles are in remote or rural areas. 

You will always have up-to-date information on where your trucks are, meaning if a customer calls up asking when they will arrive, lack of signal won't stop you, giving you peace of mind.


Why RAM Tracking for truck tracking?

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When you are tracking your trucks, the last thing you need to worry about is any expensive upgrade costs that appear out of nowhere, taking your vehicles off the road for a period of time as potential changes to the trucks software and hardware are made. Well, with RAM Trackings GPS truck tracking systems you need not worry.

By automating system changes, RAM Tracking ensures that your trucks are always up to date with the latest technology. This means that you can continue to use our system without any additional expenses. Our solution is designed to be easy to use and requires no technical expertise, allowing you to focus on managing your fleet and growing your business.


Two installers wearing orange polo shirts, one wearing an orange baseball cap, are installing a tracking unit into a truck. In the bottom left there is a vehicle tracker.


Taking a day where all of your vehicles are off the road and no jobs are being completed sounds like a massive hassle - but RAM Tracking works to a time that is convenient for you, we even do installs on a Saturday! Our team will come to your premises to carry out the installation, ensuring that you do not have to worry about taking your vehicles off the road and bringing them to a different location. We understand that downtime can be costly, and we work to minimize any disruptions to your business.

Additionally, our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in installing our truck tracking devices quickly and efficiently. They will ensure that the installation is done right the first time, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicles are being properly tracked.


2 men and 1 woman with headsets on, the closest man is speaking with a customer about their truck tracking system

Unparalleled customer support

We want to make sure you are always comfortable with your truck trackers and the RAM Tracking web app.

You will not have any call-out charges, plus we offer a full lifetime warranty on our products to give you peace of mind, enabling you to get all of your up-to-date truck tracking information throughout the entirety of your contract.

We truly offer the best customer support in the industry. Don’t believe us? Then why not read the words from some of our satisfied customers by clicking here.

Or if you have a query, get in touch with one of our experts at RAM Tracking today!


Key Features


One of the largest expenses for any fleet is refueling costs - you can monitor the fuel costs, see how much idle time they are having to then coach those drivers to help your fleet become more fuel efficient.


You can use truck tracking to gain full visibility over your fleet, this allows you to understand their current locations to help backup invoices and provide evidence of work so any customer disputes can be given evidence for.


Through the use of our truck tracking system, a high percentage of our customers came back and reported a 10-20% productivity improvement for their drivers, just through simple changes which can be found through the information within the app.

Avoid fines

By using our truck tracking system, you can avoid large fines against your business as you understand how your employees are using resources at all times.

Truck Tracking FAQs

RAM Tracking are one of the most respectable and knowledgeable market leaders in the industry for truck and lorry fleet telematics. We respond to questions about vehicle trackers regularly and help businesses better understand how vehicle trackers for lorries and trucks can help improve profitability and performance. As such, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions about truck and lorry tracking

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