Truck GPS Tracking Solutions

Our GPS vehicle tracking devices help Canadian businesses manage, monitor and measure their truck, vehicle and equipment fleet.

Our truck tracking technology allows fleet managers and business owners to track their vehicles so they can make better decisions about logistics, route planning and even tracking vehicles or assets that may be stolen. Installation of our trackers allows businesses in Canada to obtain real-time or historical telematics data and provide clients/customers with live geolocation of their vehicles.

Why are more businesses in Canada using vehicle & truck tracking?

  • Gas costs: Using truck trackers to measure and monitor fleet vehicles allows logistics managers to plot more optimal routes, thereby saving on gas costs. Improved efficiency could allow massive savings across a fleet.
  • Truck telematics: Our GPS tracking devices transmit telematics data across Canada so our clients can provide their customers with real-time information such as ETAs without ever having to speak to the driver.
  • Security: Should your truck, vehicle or equipment be stolen, the GPS tracker can help your business find the said vehicle in a matter of seconds. This can help reduce insurance premiums and provide peace of mind.
  • Productivity: Vehicle tracking reports such as idling reports and speeding reports are automatically generated by RAM Tracking. These reports can help businesses identify potential wastage and improve productivity.

Why are we the best vehicle tracking company in Canada?

  • Customer service excellence: Our customer support team are always on hand to answer queries, make recommendations and ensure your RAM Tracking experience is first-in-class.
  • Innovative live view: As one of the best vehicle tracking companies in Canada, we offer an innovative live view of your entire fleet so that your business can track all vehicles at every location, any time.
  • Smart tracking: RAM Tracking is 100% automated which means you don't even need to login. It works intelligently by pushing key information to you, keeping you up to date on things like: unauthorised mileage use, excessive idling, hours worked or even speeding. You simply tell us what you need to know and when, then sit back and we’ll do the rest.
  • Coverage: We provide SIM cards for tracking devices should they lose GPS signal in areas of Canada where there may be a struggle for a signal.
  • Upgrades: Our team are constantly working hard to develop the tracking device and software. Every future upgrade is included in your cost so you never need worry about hidden additional charges.

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