Truck Tracking

Our truck tracking technology allows fleet managers and business owners to track their vehicles so they can make better decisions about logistics, route planning and even tracking vehicles or assets that may be stolen.

Why use truck tracking?

Whether you have one truck or a full fleet of HGVs, RAM truck tracking devices helps you to keep on top of your vehicles. Fuel is a huge expense for trucks, lorries and HGVs and can range from anywhere between 17 – 32% of a vehicle’s annual operating costs. You can also backup invoices and offer evidence of work with commercial truck tracking devices, bringing peace of mind to both you and your clients. Save time and money and prevent your business being hit with costly VAT fines by knowing how your employees are using your resources. 


Who uses truck tracking?

Who uses truck tracking?

We help many customers, from many different industries, who utilise our truck tracking system to keep track of thousands of vehicles nationwide. Two of our most common customer types include:

Site based services

From builders, to plumbers, to locksmiths, we’re perfect for any business who employs individual contractors, who accrue customers by the hour and work remotely.


Delivery services

Our truck tracking service is ideal for delivery services. Keep track of drivers en route, check for extended stops and document your drivers’ efficiency.


Why are Ram Tracking the best truck tracking company?

Why are Ram Tracking the best truck tracking company?

Freight transport

Our vehicle tracking is invaluable for heavy goods vehicle operators who work in the freight transport industry. When you’re transporting someone else’s goods, you need to be able to know where they are at all times. Truck trackers, lorry trackers and HGV tracking offers you peace of mind and accountability.

Consumer goods

If freight transport forms a part of your consumer goods business, but isn’t your prime service, it can be difficult to allocate it the time or resources that it deserves. GPS truck tracking takes the stress out of management and ensures you always have visibility on your products and employees, so your day to day customer service operations run as efficiently as possible.


What are the features of our tracking system?

What are the features of our tracking system?

Innovative live view

You’ll have access to our unique online tracking and reporting platform including a live map view of all your drivers. With RAM's trackers for trucks you can instantly see who’s driving, who’s unloading and who’s idling.

Customisable reports

Choose what you want to report on, from speeding reports to mileage and fuel reports. Use our easy to read data to save money, cut down on admin and backup customer invoices with factual data.


We recognise how difficult it can be to keep track of vehicles without having to worry about losing signal. We offer roaming sim cards as standard to all customers who work in low signal and rural areas, so you’ll always know where your lorries are.

Our award-winning service

Our award-winning service


No need to worry about expensive upgrades, we automatically upgrade your equipment without the need to renew your contract.



We work with you to ensure your vehicles are off the road for as short a time as possible. Once you receive the devices, we will visit your premises to install – even on a Saturday.


Unrivalled customer support

We make sure you always have the support you need, with unrivalled industry customer service, no call out charges and a full lifetime warranty on our products.

Key Features


Fuel is a huge expense for any fleet, by keeping track of fuel costs you can see where you can become more efficient.


Full visibility on all vehicles, backup invoices and evidence of work ensure peace of mind to both you and your clients.


Almost all of our customers have reported a 10 – 20% improvement in productivity for drivers when introducing vehicle tracking.

Avoid fines

Prevent your business from being hit with costly VAT fines by knowing how your employees are using your resources at all times.

Truck Tracking FAQs

RAM Tracking are one of the most respectable and knowledgeable market leaders in the industry for truck and lorry fleet telematics. We respond to questions about vehicle trackers regularly and help businesses better understand how vehicle trackers for lorries and trucks can help improve profitability and performance. As such, we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions about truck and lorry tracking