Plant Tracking and your business

You know that even at the end of the day, all of your most important equipment and tools will remain safe onsite. With 24/7 access to the system and email or SMS notifications, you can stop unauthorized activity with ease.

A yellow compacter and a yellow backhoe at a construction site in the bottom right there is the RAM Tracking live map with two dark blue dots as well as information on one of the drivers

Safety for your most valuable assets

Before the implementation of tracking, you may have been concerned for your valuable assets that remained on site at the end of the day, without anyone watching over them, they could be stolen. However, RAM Tracking offers you a solution to help you keep an eye on your equipment, even when you're off-site.

  • Track your equipment to understand if it still on-site or if it has been taken away
  • Understand when tools or equipment are being used outside of work hours
  • Any stolen assets can be tracked on the real-time map, allowing you to provide the authorities with an accurate location, helping to recover the stolen assets with ease

Even when you're away from site your valuable property is safer than ever. You can keep an eye on your equipment even if there is no-one on-site thanks to RAM Tracking's plant tracking software.


Example of a polygon geofence around heathrow airport in case any tracked vehicle is taken off site

Polygon geofence your boundaries

Leaving valuable assets onsite overnight or over the weekend leaves your equipment unprotected, and therefore, it's important that you remain up-to-date on the whereabouts of your assets.

  • Polygon geofences can be drawn quickly and easily in any shape
  • This allows you to create a geofence that is specific to your site
  • You receive a notification if any of your tracked assets enters or exits your Geofence

Swiftly respond if any of your tracked assets exit a Polygon Geofence outside of your business hours. Provide the authorities with up-to-date information so you can recover your assets.


Yellow construction vehicle on a construction site in the bottom right there is a vehicle tracker

Trackers are easy to install

We understand that you want your trackers installed quickly but most importantly, correctly, so you don't have too much downtime and you can start tracking your valuable assets as soon as you can.

  • Our plant trackers are quickly installed by our team of installers at a time that suits you best
  • Non-vehicle assets have trackers that can be self-installed quickly and with ease allowing you to start tracking once they've charged
  • Track it all in one interface with live maps

You get to gain insights into when a vehicle is in use or alternatively, if a tool is taken off-site.

You also get to understand the location of tools and vehicles in seconds, allowing you to move them around to the site that needs them the most.


Man in high visibility vest and white hard hat writing on a clipboard with a yellow construction vehicle on a dirt mound behind him.

Keep track of the usage of your assets

Plant tracking is the perfect option for ay construction site, this is because when it is properly utilized, you can use it for a lot more than just safety reasons.

You get to gain insights into when a vehicle is used as well as the frequency it's used  and just how long for. Bringing this information together allows you to increase the efficiency of your business all whilst reducing your operating costs.

  • Utilize historical usage reports
  • Are there periods of time where drivers have the engine on but they aren't actually working? This leads to wasted fuel costs
  • Is a certain asset being used a lot in one location? Find patterns like this to relocate equipment to maximize your efficiency

Through understanding your businesses requirements on a site-by-site basis, you can save time and money through appropriate action when you make informed decisions.


Woman holding an iPhone with the RAM Tracking app open on the live map

Track your valuable assets from the palm of your hands

If you're on the move, you may still need to understand the current status of your various valuable assets - that's where our mobile app comes in

  • Understand where your assets are regardless of which site you're at
  • Get the precise location of individual assets in seconds
  • Receive a notification of if one of your valuable items leaves a site so you can find out why

Setting up a geofence allows you to receive a notification immediately so you can stay on top of when an asset exits a location, was this pre-approved, or has something been taken off of site without permission? Find out in seconds.


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