Ensure the safety of your cargo

Through the use of a trailer tracking solution, you will notice you gain various different security benefits across your entire fleet of trailers. Trailer trackers help you to keep your trailers themselves safe as well as providing you with their real-time location as well as their status so you have specific information about your cargo at all times.

Our trailer trackers provide you with peace of mind - you understand that your cargo is safe throughout the entire journey. Therefore, you can update your customers that are waiting for you to arrive on site with your driver's current location. 

RAM Tracking Live Map on an Apple Mac

Additional Trailer Security

Your businesses most valuable assets are within the trailers you use everyday, that's why having full visibility of your fleet, including the trailers, is one of the most important aspects for your fleet.

By using our trailer trackers, you get everything you'd need to know about your trailers through looking at the RAM Tracking live map. Our FMB100 unit can be installed within your trailer with ease - whilst our trackers usually take their power from the engine, our trailer trackers take power from the side light connection and takes its earthing point from within the trailer too.


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Maximize your productivity

By ensuring that your drivers arrive on time, you help to keep your customers happy, which is an incredibly important aspect of your day to day operations. When cargo arrives on time, your customers are encouraged to come back for repeated deliveries as you have been shown as a reliable service.

So, by using trailer trackers, you can ensure that:

  • Your drivers are remaining productive and efficient every day.
  • Your drivers are able to catch up if they are behind due to traffic.
  • See if drivers are on time for their current job.
  • Ensure the rest of the day goes smoothly. 

You can even make sure that if a vehicle breaks down, you can quickly find out which one of your drivers is closest to the job that needs to be completed so the cargo can be delivered on time still - you can very quickly find this information out by going through the RAM Tracking web app. 

Trailer monitoring has an incredible amount of uses, a large number of which helps you to encourage customers to come back to your company for deliveries.

Trailer monitoring has an array of uses, all of these will encourage your customers to keep coming back to you for deliveries.


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Reduce the risk of theft

The use a trailer tracker allows you to understand where your vehicle and trailer, which therefore means your precious cargo, is at all times. You can also see if someone is currently driving one of the vehicles outside of your work hours. 

If and when a vehicle has been stolen you can respond quickly to the situation as you know the exact location of that vehicle, this allows you to:

  • Immediately get the authorities involved.
  • Update them with real-time information on the specififc location.
  • Give any updates on the direction they are travelling, this will help you to recover the vehicle and the cargo as quickly as possible.

You always have visibility of your valuable assets thanks to having trailer trackers in place.


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Efficient route planning

Efficient route planning

Trailer tracking solutions allow you to proactively optimize your driver's routes. If your drivers are following the same route every day, you will, over time, notice that they could cover that same distance in a more efficient way.

Having a trailer GPS system in place allows you to then use the RAM Tracking web app or mobile app to your advantage.

For example, you can proactively optimize your driver's routes by using our route replay feature. Our route replay feature shows:

  • The exact route that they took on a certain day.
  •  If the driver was breaking the speed limit of the area.

This is incredibly effective in saving money on the amount of fuel used each day.

This information can be used to coach your drivers helping them to use more optimized routes so they are covering their route whilst using less fuel. The longer that time goes on, the more obvious the savings will be.


RAM Tracking web app with a red polygon geofence surrounding a pre-set area

Geofence for additional control

Polygon geofences provide you with a whole new level of control with RAM Tracking by providing you with notifications on when one of your tracked vehicles enters or exits the predetermined area that you set.

This gives you a range of benefits with your trailer tracking system:

  • Gain information on the specific areas you are interested in, geofencing used to be circular, but now you can get exact in the areas that you want information on.
  • Understand when your drivers days are beginning and ending by setting the geofence around the parking yard.
  • Gain quick insights into if and when the vehicles are stolen, as you get notified when the vehicles are out of the geofence outside of business hours.

This allows you to understand if you need to coach specific drivers so they are not starting their days late and leaving early, or you can quickly act to ensure that the authorities are aware that one of your vehicles have been stolen as it happens, allowing you to give them real-time information of where the vehicle is - helping vehicles get recovered much faster.


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