Ensure the safety of your cargo

Our trailer tracking solution allows you to gain the benefit of additional security across the entirety of your fleet of trailers, this keeps your trailers safe whilst also giving your fleet manager the exact current location of your cargo so you have specific, actionable information.

Our trailer trackers give you peace of mind as you know your cargo is safe and secure. You can also update your customers that are waiting for your employees to arrive on-site at their current location. This not only reduces worry on their side, but it helps to increase customer satisfaction, as they know that the cargo is on the way.

RAM Tracking Live Map on an Apple Mac

Additional Trailer Security

Your most valuable assets are within your trailer, so having complete visibility over your trailers at all times allow you to keep an eye on those important assets.

By using RAM Tracking's trailer tracker, the location of your trailers are available in real-time on a live app within either our web app or the mobile app, this provides you with peace of mind throughout your entire shift. The FMB100 can be installed with ease in your trailer and rather than it taking power from the engine, it takes power from the side light connection and it also takes an earthing point from within the trailer too.

The tracking unit we selected is housed in a way that looks like it has earth connections within which will discourage tampering. This is a complete game changer for companies that have a fleet of trailers on the road.


Blue HGV with white trailer driving next to a car

Maximize your productivity

You need to make sure that your drivers are arriving on time so you keep your customer service is high, it is an incredibly important aspect of the job - when cargo reliably arrives on time, this will encourage your customers to come back for repeat deliveries.

By using trailer trackers, you can ensure that your drivers are running productively throughout the day and are on time for each of their jobs, this helps to ensure that even if the fleet is running behind, that you can efficiently get back on track.You can find all of this information just through using our trailer tracking device.

You can make sure that if one of your vehicles breaks down, then you can find out which of your drivers is close enough that they can ensure the cargo is still delivered on time.

Trailer monitoring has an array of uses, all of these will encourage your customers to keep coming back to you for deliveries.


Man in a dark blue hoodie breaking into a grey car

Reduce the risk of theft

When you use our trailer trackers, you can understand where your vehicle, trailer and therefore the important cargo that you are transporting is at all times. You can also understand if one of your employees is driving a vehicle outside of work hours. As these vehicles are used for businesses and will often be returned to a yard at the end of the day, you will understand if the vehicle has been stolen.

If one of your vehicles that carries your cargo does happen to get stolen, you can very quickly get the current location of your trailer. You can then alert the authorities and let them know the current location as well as updates on the direction that they are travelling which helps you to get your cargo back as soon as possible.

Your valuable assets are always safe with our trailer trackers.


Route Replay on the RAM Tracking live map showing the driver as well as the direction they are travelling, that they are driving and that they are driving at 5 miles per hour

Efficient route planning

Our trailer tracking solution provides you with an easy way to optimize your driver's routes. If a driver follows the same or even a similar route everyday, you will notice if they are taking a longer than necessary route, you can have them cover the same route in a much more efficient way.

Utilizing our GPS trailer system allows you to use the RAM Tracking web app to your advantage. For example, you can proactively optimize your driver's routes by looking at the route replay feature. This shows you the exact route that was taken on a specific day, this allows you to also see if your driver's were speeding in comparison to the speed limit of the road. All of this information comes together to allow you to reduce the amount of fuel that your drivers use per day which helps you to save money.

You can take this information to your drivers which allows you to coach them by showing them your more optimized route so you can save more and more money - as time goes on, you will notice the savings more and more.


RAM Tracking web app with a red polygon geofence surrounding a pre-set area

Geofence for additional control

By setting up a simple polygon geofence you will understand if a vehicle leaves or enters the predetermined area(s). This allows you to gain even more benefits from your trailer trackers.

  • Understand when a driver starts and ends their day by setting a geofence around the location the trailers park overnight. This will help you to understand if drivers start late or finish early.
  • Gain quick insights if the vehicle and trailer is stolen. You are notified immediately so you can swiftly alert the authorities to the stolen trailer so you can recover it quickly.
  • Find information quickly through the web app or the mobile app so you are always up to date with knowledge on your fleet.

You understand everything about your fleet and help your drivers to get the most out of their day.


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