Assure smooth operations with effective job tracking

Along with planning and scheduling jobs, managers must ensure that deliverables and jobs are completed on time. However, they can understand how a job is completed by monitoring each stage. Job Assist's job tracking solution effectively tracks each job from the get-go.

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Key features

Gain visibility

You gain increased visibility around jobs and related processes when you can explore granular details of jobs, such as the number of hours, cost per hour, etc. With our powerful search and simple edit features, managers and field workers can update job status in seconds.

Tracking data can be leveraged to foster data-driven decision-making for upcoming future jobs, remove bottlenecks, and intelligently allocate resources.

Consolidated data

Job tracking is ongoing until the job is completed through job sheets and provides massive data and insights that can be tricky to process with diverse systems. Our cloud-based single system securely stores information related to present and past jobs. All you have to do is simply search and get all the details with a few clicks.

Likewise, having access to historical data helps managers assign jobs without much hassle and helps tackle unexpected issues that hinder job completion. Optimize job scheduling to improve overall job management.

picture of a construction worker telling their team to hold up the work to check the job being scheduled.

Make changes and notify instantly

Due to unforeseen situations, the scope of a job might change to some extent, which, if not timely communicated to the field team, can create disruptions. Our job management platform allows managers to amend and update jobs anytime, letting the field team see the changes in real-time.

Communicating on-the-go with the field team ensures that the job process stays on the right track; any issues the managers can quickly resolve it.

Evaluating budgets

Apart from monitoring the progress of jobs, the job tracking solution enables managers to understand the use of budget. They can not only monitor costs in real time but also evaluate insights such as estimates vs. actuals, giving you the flexibility to optimize budgets for all projects.

Such real-time cost insights empower you to keep costs within the specified budget and gain a full view of the job's finances and business profitability at all times

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Stay on top of all things

Reduce inefficiencies

Eliminate any roadblocks with job tracking before they become a major issue and assure smooth operations.

Increased transparency

A single location of data empowers everybody to view and access job information, reducing the chances of duplication or miscommunication.

Accurate tracking

Our industry-leading tracking capabilities guarantee accurate tracking, eliminating guesswork and confusion.

image of a team of workers looking a building maintenance job on their job sheet

Safeguarded data

All job data on our platform is backed up to the cloud, ensuring data is organized, and you never miss out on any information.

Increased customer retention

Keep customers in the loop and provide accurate billing insights, fostering trust and building a strong relationship with them

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