Empower the field team to be in sync with the back office

With just an advanced mobile app on their smartphones, field workers can get job details, track time, log in job inputs, communicate with customers, process payments, and much more while in the field. Just tap and buckle down

Driver using his job tracking app to sign off his latest job to then look at the next assignment

Key Features

Manage jobs and field team seamlessly

With several stages in a job's life cycle, manually communicating and overseeing each task becomes time-consuming but critical to a job's success. Job Assist's mobile app enables field workers to receive all job details on their handheld devices and perform the job more effectively. Likewise, managers are directly in touch with them and can track their work in real-time.

Such a solution bolsters enhanced day-to-day communication and reduces the back and forth for job details, saving time and maximizing productivity.

Simplified job sheets, scheduling and tracking

It is all hands on deck for field managers, from scheduling and tracking to creating job sheets. But managers can create, assign, track, and edit jobs instantly, and the field team gets notified instantly on our field worker's mobile app whilst in the field. They will also know about their next job through the job, reducing phone calls and check-ins.

Additionally, managers can track, approve or reject any activity related to jobs directly through the app, making everything super fast and efficient.

Access to information in one place

Besides having all job details, field workers can keep customers in sync through our revolutionary app. The app can help them capture customer-related data on the field, such as digital signatures and photos, attach documents, and add comments or minute details, which are instantly visible to managers for further processing.

And if tasks don't go as planned, managers can quickly learn about it and take necessary steps from their web-based portal reflected in the app

Courier using the job tracking app to find where his next job is located

GPS tracking-enabled mobile app

Along with making job management seamless, our field worker mobile app has a GPS tracking feature that can help managers track field workers' live location and monitor their progress. Ram Tracking GPS trackers are trusted by more than 25,000 customers worldwide, providing accurate insights and eliminating lengthy phone calls.

This feature helps you to dispatch the nearest workers for the job, reduce response time, accelerate job completion, and get paid faster.

Real-time visibility

Managers can get better visibility, that too, in real-time into all job-related processes for different industries through our uncluttered and single dashboard. They can better track projects and granular details like billable and non-billable hours, scheduled versus actual time taken, etc.

Evaluating such insights can help managers keep work as well as costs under control and make proactive decisions to boost profitability.

Man looking at Job Management App directing him to his next job

Maximise field team's productivity

iOS and Android

Our field worker's mobile app can be used on both iOS and Android mobile devices, giving field workers the utmost flexibility.

Simple to Use

Our app is easy to install and simple to use for field workers but offers advanced job management capabilities.

Eliminate Travel and Use of Paper

Get rid of the manual approach of managing your field team and overlook their work performance with a single dashboard

Driver on a call to his job assignment manager which could be avoided with the job tracking app system

Save communication time

No longer scheduling meetings or calls for job allocation, field workers get all job information from the app on the go.

Scale up efficiently

With real-time visibility into operational aspects of each job, make informed decisions and increase utilization and profitability

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