Man carrying out a vehicle check on a grey car that has the hood up. The vehicle check app is in the bottom right corner.

Daily vehicle safety checks that suit your needs

RAM Tracking's checklist for drivers is a full-scale car safety check that helps the fleet manager to understand any issues with the vehicle that is making it unworthy for the road. These vehicle safety checks are fully customizable ensuring the vehicle is deemed as roadworthy by the standards of the car manufacturer for each make and model that each driver uses.

By law, your vehicles must be well maintained, in an efficient state of working order and in good repair. So, by carrying out circle checks, you can ensure that your vehicles pass the checks on each point - the level of customization on the circle checks allows it to be completed on cars, vans, lorries and more. It is a fully comprehensive car safety check.

Simple walkaround checks are often not enough whenit comes to ensure the vehicles have been properly looked over, but by carrying out a RAM Tracking daily circle check the system will report back that a fully comprehensive check has been completed and notify you if the check has not been made.

This ensures that each vehicle is up to the highest standards, as well as helping you to catch small maintenance problems before they become very expensive issues.

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Silver car with oil leak - Vehicle Check on iPhone shows everything is okay except engine oil is low due to leak

The basics of a vehicle safety check

Each vehicle has different important things that must be checked so it is deemed as roadworthy in the eyes of the manufacturer, however, here are just some of the aspects that we recommend you use in all of your vehicle safety checks:

  • Condition of the vehicle bodywork, windscreen, windows and lights
  • Condition of the tyres, pressure and wear
  • Brake and clutch fluid levels
  • The function of the seatbelts
  • Usability of horn

These are important aspects that must be checked universally across all of your circle checks as these are of the utmost importance to driver safety.

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Person checking the tyre pressure of a vehicle

Make driver circle checks as part of your daily routine

Carrying out a car safety check quickly becomes a simple addition to your morning routine before starting your shift. When you enter your vehicle, you will automatically carry out some different checks without even realizing it. For example, you will ensure your mirrors are properly aligned, you will check your fuel gauge, and whether your seatbelt works when you fasten it before you go - it becomes second nature.

The fleet manager will get to create a customized template that each driver works from, it won't take long before the drivers will open up the app to complete their circle check as second nature when they are starting their shift.

Whilst this may just seem like another thing for drivers to have to remember to do each day, circle checks are quick to complete, especially once they have had some experience with completing them. Additionally, by carrying these checks out, you can catch maintenance problems early on before they become a large problem that will cost a lot of money and take your vehicle off the road for a long period of time. Making small improvements over time will cost less than dealing with several large problems all at once.

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Worn down tyre - tread completely worn out

Increase driver safety with daily vehicle checks

Having a checklist that drivers need to fill out at the start of a shift to ensure their vehicles are in good working order is a simple yet effective way of ensuring that they are safe as they can be at the start of each shift. If a vehicle is not roadworthy it should be taken off the road for repairs, as it will put your driver in danger.

By getting into a routine of completing these daily circle checks, it will allow your  drivers to spot these issues, which only become more severe and have the potential to be more dangerous over time.

Your fleet covers large distances every day, so these faults can develop fairly quickly - carrying out a daily check on your vehicles allows you to catch faults quickly whilst mitigating any further damage to the vehicle.

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Look after your drivers

Look after your drivers and keep on top of wear and tear of your vehicles by carrying out daily vehicle checks.

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