Expense Management

As a driver on the road, you have to manage your expenses, previously though, you would purchase something, then you would need to hold onto the receipt until you next go into the office to see the correct person who properly deals with any expenses. Within this time, you may lose receipts, all depending on how long it is between visits to the office. This means that expenses aren't being properly managed. 

Man in grey shirt looking at various sheets of paper with a receipt in his hand

Regain control through effective expense management

RAM Assist has an expense management function, this allows you to give all of the most important information about the purchase, even allowing you to take a photo of the receipt which will then immediately go to the fleet manager. This allows you to keep on top of your expenses and you don't need to hold onto the receipts after every purchase, which could end up being a lot at once depending on the length of time between your visits to the head office.

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