Dash Cameras for Fleet Vehicles

Deliberate car collisions are on the rise, and it’s often meant that the victims of these crimes end up being the driver targeted rather than the criminal. Your workforce come with many skills and traits some good some need improvement but how do you know if your drivers are keeping to best practice?

Whether it's dashcams for car or truck dash cams, our range of cameras for vehicles will give you peace of mind over any issues surrounding driver safety from incidents or driver behavior habits which can be monitored.

Driver in a blue shirt is using an iPad and a tablet pen

What is a dash cam?

Quite simply, a dash cam is a camera dedicated to recording driver's journeys via a wide-angle lens.

  • They are mounted to windscreens and turn on when you start your engine.
  • They can also be activated in case of a collision when the vehicle is parked. (needs to be configured once installed)
  • The angle is typically 130-150 degrees to cover a significant field of vision.
  • They are tamper-proof and timestamped making them ideal for evidence.

Dash cam front and rear?

Our hard-wired dash cams are professionally installed to create an almost invisible placement.

There are 3 main types of dash cam:

  • A front dash camera which captures everything in front of you; from pedestrians stepping out in the road, to traffic you are following.
  • Front and back dash cam, which has the advantage of recording both what is in front of you and what is behind which is important due to a lot of collisions being at low speed and involve rear-end incidents.
  • Internally facing (Cabin view) if you wish to keep an eye on your drivers.

These latest-in-technology dashcams have all the top features to ensure that nothing is missed, and the picture quality is crisp in any condition.


A driver is driving in the rain with a silver car in front of them being recorded by a dash cam

Dash cams and insurance claims

As dashcams are legal on Canadian roads there is no licence or documentation required. Audio recording is not illegal either from a privacy perspective on internal cameras, but we mute as a preferred installation. We recommend using our installers, as, legally it must not block the view of the driver.

Our cameras do not have a screen either so drivers can not be distracted and potentially negate the insurance claim blaming distraction at fault.

You have a legal obligation to inform passengers if:

  • You have an internal camera when being used as a security safety benefit for the likes of taxi or chauffeuring services.
  • Equally if you have chosen to include sound recording this also falls under privacy laws so make your you are not in breach of this.

A lot of road incidents aren't clear-cut, especially if there are a lack of witnesses around at the time. So, when it is just your word against the word of another driver, using fleet dash cam solutions can be what swings it in favor of your driver.


Thinkware dashcam showing a 140 degree viewing angle

Car video recorder (DVR) vs standard dash cam

Our two main types of cameras are split by the way the content is stored and delivered.

  • SD Card Full 1080p HD resolution cameras.
  • Most affordable option.
  • Stores the recording on an SD card.
  • Will store any incidents of impact.
  • Will need to be sporadically downloaded via the card and cleared.
  • Excellent 140-degree view minimizing blind spots.
  • Night-time specialist optimisation for clear view in the dark.

More information on commercial dashcams here.

  • 4G Connected Streaming. 
  • Higher equipment costs.
  • Ultimate in cloud streaming.
  • For FNOL can be sent within the hour of an incident to insurers.
  • No need for card clearing.
  • Stores up to 90 days.
  • AI event detection for any kind of incident recording.
  • Wide-angle camera minimizing blind spots.

More information on connected dashcams here.



A silver vehicle is in view of a dash cam - showing how the vehicle can still be seen with ease even in bright sunlight

Dash cam features explained

As certain incidents occur when drivers are not in their vehicles our systems are designed to detect collisions and spring into action to record vital evidence should the driver at fault try and avoid leaving details.

  • Energy-saving mode reduces power consumption by a third less giving 3x longer video recording.
  • In extreme cases of light such as coming out of a tunnel, bright sunlight or even full beam headlights, our dashcams are capable of correcting recording through the WDR function to ensure a constant clear image.
  • If power gets disconnected for any reason after an accident, failsafe recording uses a super capacitor for backup keeping the vital recordings safe.
  • The SD camera uses file allocation table to eliminate manual formatting of recorded video files which helps to extend the memory card’s life.
  • Any PC can be used to view the files as they don’t need to be converted in any way.

A lot of our customers take our dashcams in addition to their existing vehicle tracking services. If you are looking for dashcams with GPS tracking for vans, cars, or trucks we can offer bundle packages to save your business money.



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