GPS Tracking Devices for Fleets

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a more popular option as part of a business fleet, this has led fleet managers to change current systems or look for specialized equipment that can provide the same details that a regular vehicle tracker can provide. This is where RAM Tracking comes in, we can help you successfully monitor your sustainable fleet.

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Electric vehicle tracking made easy

At first glance, it can seem difficult waters to tread with electric vehicle tracking, but that's where RAM Tracking can help. Our specialist equipment gives you powerful insights into the most important aspects of your fleet. With businesses moving towards more environmentally friendly fleets, we want to help you implement tracking to ensure you can make informed decisions to help you to run your EV fleet with ease.

Electric vehicles are generally higher in price than a vehicle that relies on regular fuel, and that is why tracking these your EVs is so important - you can ensure your drivers are properly looking after your vehicles. Additionally, having tracking in place can help to bring down insurance premiums.

RAM Tracking provides you with actionable data so tracking your electric vehicles is as easy a process as possible.

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Reduce your fleet's idle time

One of the best aspects of using an electric vehicle tracking system is that it is easy to quickly find the drivers that are wasting a lot of time idling. Simply enter the RAM Tracking web app and take a look at the timeline to see:

  • When vehicles are moving
  • When a vehicle has it's ignition off
  • When the driver is idle

idling is where the ignition is on, but the vehicle is not moving. This could be to do with heavy traffic or it could be a driver taking an extended break. Understanding idle time allows you to understand which drivers are wasting vehicle charge, you have to keep in mind that it takes a lot longer to recharge a vehicle than it does to refuel a vehicle.

This is why it's important to reduce idle time within your fleet, properly training your drivers helps you to keep your fleet productive and reduce the amount of money that is spent of recharging your vehicles.

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Two vehicles driving away from the sun - in the top left there is a route replay from the RAM Tracking system

Efficient routing

Analyzing your driver's routes through the RAM Tracking app allows you to proactively optimize their routes so efficiencies can be made and additional jobs can be completed throughout the day. When you properly utilize our system, you can create more efficient routes whilst saving hundreds of dollars per week.

By using an electric vehicle tracking solution you can carry out a route replay on individual drivers so you can see the overall journey throughout the day, you can then take the time to properly ensure that there are fewer stops and unnecessary detours throughout the day. Make your decisions based on real-time location information to ensure that you can allocate work to the closest driver to the job - ensure that all jobs are completed throughout the day.

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image showing a man driving an electric vehicle being tracked showing the score generated from his quality of driving.

Electric vehicle maintenance optimization

Electric fleet solutions allow you to monitor your driver behaviours, for example, ensure that they are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking, when your drivers are out on the road in a company vehicle, they are representing the business, so it is important that your drivers are appropriately driving behind the wheel. Additionally, ensuring that your drivers are being sensible behind the wheel it will make sure that speed your vehicle deteriorates is much slower.

Electric vehicle fleet tracking is a fantastic way of making sure that they stick to the speed limits of the road, the fleet manager can check the route replay and see immediately if they have been speeding. 

Dash cams are being seen as a preventative measure, which means that insurance companies are more likely to reduce the cost of your insurance.  Additionally, there is a psychological impact on the driver - it has been shown that there is a 33% improvement in driver behaviour when a dash cam installed.


Heavy traffic on a motorway - bottom left shows three drivers and how far away they are

Accurate ETAs for customers

Your drivers can be caught in traffic without warning, or a job may take longer to complete than was originally expected, at this point, it's important to update the next customer with plenty of time so they know what's happening. This previously would require a driver to call you to alert you that they're going to be late then the business calling the customer so they know what is happening. 

By effectively using the electric vehicle fleet management system, you are able to go into the RAM Tracking app and you can look at any and all of your drivers and their current location. This will help you understand if they have left the job site when expected allowing you to call the customer and alert them of the updated ETA. 

Alternatively, if a driver gets stuck in heavy traffic and there is no chance that they will make it to the job, even at a later time slot, you can use the RAM Tracking app to locate your closest employee to the job so you can send them to go and complete the job on the drivers' behalf. This keeps your jobs running smoothly and ensures your customers still have high faith in you.

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