GTA Equipment Rentals

GTA Equipment Rentals

"Knowing where our equipment is located 24/7 minimizes theft."

Achille Etorre

GPS Vehicle Tracking System from RAM Tracking Helped GTA Equipment Rentals Recover $100,000 in Stolen Equipment

GTA Equipment Rentals Profile

Founded in 2011 by brothers Wess and Achille Ettorre, GTA Equipment Rentals is a family-owned and -operated company located in Oakville, Ontario. It specializes in providing construction and landscaping rental equipment for commercial and residential use. The business has grown from a single Bobcat to a fleet of more than 50 pieces of small-to-large construction vehicles and equipment that are available for rent.


Equipment Rental Challenges

With so many different items of equipment to manage, GTA Equipment Rentals must ensure every item is well maintained, safe and reliable and its customers use the equipment correctly. It’s also important all equipment is being tracked, so they are returned on time to be cleaned and inspected and any preventative maintenance completed to reduce turnover time to the next customers and to maximize business revenues.

Keeping track of the location of the increasing number of vehicles and specialized equipment as well as monitoring their usage and maintenance needs was becoming an increasing challenge for GTA Equipment


RAM Tracking Solutions

GTA Equipment Rentals recognized the value of maintenance alerts with the RAM Tracking system and used it to great effect.  Previously, monitoring equipment usage in the field was challenging. The company couldn’t always be sure all maintenance and servicing was being performed according to recommended schedules to avoid breakdowns.

With the RAM Tracking on its team, GTA has a better understanding of how its customers are using the equipment.  Preventative-maintenance checks occur at the appropriate milestones and customers are provided with safer, more dependable equipment to complete time-sensitive projects.

GTA is also able to create alerts, so equipment isn’t used when it shouldn’t be or moved outside a pre-set geo-fence.



Theft Protection – RAM Tracking’s 24/7 vehicle-tracking system benefited GTA Equipment Rentals almost immediately, following the theft of a Track SkidSteer and a 5-ton excavator, valued at $100,000.  They were located and retrieved quickly without further disruption to business operations.

Happy Customers – GTA customers can rely on all of its equipment being at peak operational efficiency, which significantly reduces the likelihood of customers’ workers being injured. Customer projects are more likely to be finished on time and their clients more satisfied with the work and costs, thus elevating brand awareness for GTA and its reputation.

Training – Like all RAM Tracking customers, the GTA Equipment Rental team received complete training to help everyone quickly become familiar and proficient with the vehicle tracking software. This comprehensive training ensured everyone was comfortable accessing the user interface and knew how to create automated reports and alerts. RAM Tracking training session also explained how the smartphone app can be used to track equipment from anywhere in the world at any time.


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