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"The reports generated by the platform are fantastic!"

Kim Laird-Hurst
Operations Manager

The platform offers a direct return on the investment...

Laird & Son is a long established, family run HVAC installations company based in Toronto.  With a dedication to providing excellent customer service, Laird & Son has built up an enviable reputation in the sector.

Accurate Payroll

Prior to the RAM Tracking system we had all of the engineers sign manual timesheets in the office each fortnight.  Whilst we didn’t distrust our employees, we did feel that this process could be streamlined, relieving a lot of unnecessary time and effort.  As the RAM system is 100% accurate we know that every minute is accounted for and the odd 10 to 15 minutes that may have been overclaimed in the past has stopped and is now easily saving us a few hundred dollars per week.

Very Easy to Use

The RAM system couldn’t be any easier to use!  We were tracking our engineers and printing management reports within minutes of it going live.  Training was scheduled a short time later, but we were already working on saving money and increasing productivity from day one!

Undeniable Proof:

We had a client who claimed that we hadn’t attended our appointment.  This would be tricky to prove without the RAM system, but within a matter of minutes we had unquestionable back up to show that the engineer had called at the location.

Clear and Concise

The reports generated by the RAM Tracking system are fantastic.  We utilise the ‘Travel Report’ to show the appointments completed throughout the day and can quickly see how much time and mileage was recorded.   The RAM system has many great features, such as the History Report and live tracking, but one element we are starting to use a lot is the street level view.  We can see  the area, giving our engineers specific instructions about potential issues such as limited parking and accessibility.  This helps save time and frustration on arrival. 

Changing Attitudes

We informed our engineers that we were fitting a RAM tracking system. They weren’t keen at first and we did have one engineer in particular make an initial complaint.  However, after just a couple of weeks his opinions were completely transformed as he saw how the system had made his life so much easier.  He soon realised that he didn’t have to travel to the office to do timesheets, we could direct him easily to a location and overall his day became far more productive and less stressed.

Outstanding System

From our first meeting with the RAM sales representative to the installation, training and use of the system, there hasn’t been one moment where I’ve been unhappy.  This means a lot to me as we pride ourselves on our reputation, I wouldn’t expect anything less from our suppliers.  It was refreshing to talk to a person that knew in great detail what the product was rather than the usual ‘gloss-over’ that most sales reps provide.  The RAM system is a true cost solution, which offers a full warranty throughout the term of our contract and with no hidden costs I can get an accurate return on the investment. 

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