Lakeside Landscape Inc

Lakeside Landscape Inc

"RAM helps us make the right choice every time"

Dave Heyink

We are so thankful for the tracking system as it would prove difficult to recover our stolen vehicles without it!

Vehicle Tracking for a landscaping business

Lakeside Landscape have been active in the landscaping industry since 2000. Operating a fleet of 14 vehicles and equipment, they came to RAM Tracking looking for a vehicle tracking system that could help answer some of their business challenges.

During the cold winter months, the local region often faces a lot of snow and as such Lakeside Landscape offer snow removal services to help the area keep moving. However, many businesses are often unable to check their multiple locations have been cleared due to traffic delays & constraints caused by adverse snowfall. To help reassure customers that snow has been removed, Lakeside Landscape utilized RAM Tracking’s award winning geo-location history reports to demonstrate proof of work in black and white terms.

Lakeside Landscape told us “Initially we didn’t expect to need any historical information, but the reports and the engine ignition PTO  reports especially are really useful as you can see exactly when and where the snow ploughs have been used”.

Managing site arrivals / departures

Another key feature that made Lakeside Landscape choose RAM Tracking was the ability to track when employees arrived and left the site. 
Real-time tracking on all their vehicles and equipment meant that the business could always provide proof of work with accurate records of arrival and departure times when requested by customers.  

RAM Tracking also proved incredibly useful for providing their customers with live ETAs on-site that would further help improve customer service and confidence. The real-time nature of the data allowed the team at HQ to reduce the time spent calling drivers on the phone, allowing the driver to be more productive and safe on the roads.

RAM Tracking recovering stolen vehicles

Unfortunately for Lakeside Landscape, the business suffered the theft of two work trucks whilst the owners were on vacation. However, upon discovering the theft, Lakeside used the RAM Tracking app to quickly locate the trucks and co-ordinate a recovery by the police in less than hour. 

Without RAM Tracking, the theft of the vehicles would have almost definitely cost the business time, stress and increased insurance costs.

“We are so thankful for the tracking system as it would prove difficult to recover vehicles without it! The police were very cooperative and they found the trucks quickly because of the GPS system.” – Lakeside Landscape Inc.

Key benefits of RAM Tracking:

  • Helps provide proof of work
  • Used to retrieve stolen vehicles/assets
  • Easy to use – even available on iPhone & Android app
  • Improved productivity from drivers
  • Improved customer services 
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