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"We've cut idling, reducing our fuel bill by 15% each week"

Dan O'Hara

We've cut idling, reducing our fuel bill 15% each week

O’Hara Excavating is a leading construction company based in Ontario. With many years’experience, the company has become a formidable force in the sector,  managing many prestigious projects for both commercial contracts and residential customers.

No idling saves 10 – 15% on fuel each week

“We fitted the RAM system to replace our ‘theft-only tracker’ so that we could have greater visibility of how our fleet operates.  From the first day we were able to see improvements that could be made and the first one we knew we needed to tackle ‘head-on’ was the amount of excessive idling that our drivers were doing. In winter we noticed that the engines were being idled all day! I use RAM’s idling report to show me when, where and who left the engine running unnecessarily. By addressing this with the drivers I have been able
to cut our weekly fuel bill by around 10 – 15%.”

Saving $200 per week on over claimed time

“The RAM system accurately shows the time we arrive and leave a site. We can also check how many hours our drivers work and pay them accordingly.  I use the RAM system to verify the hours they report on their timesheets, and if there is a discrepancy, I can deal with it in a matter of minutes.  Since I’ve begun printing the time reports I can safely say I’ve saved around $200 per week in unauthorised overtime.”

Better fleet management

“The RAM system has a vast array of powerful management reports within it.  I believe I’m only starting to scratch the surface of its true potential, but already I feel that we’re managing our fleet much better and more efficiently. We often have a situation where a call will come in asking for one of our trucks to make a delivery.  I can easily check who is closest to the quarry, issue an order to pick up the additional materials and deliver it – meaning no wasted trips and more happy customers. We even use the system to find the most efficient routes to and from job sites!”

$50,000 Theft

“Unfortunately we lost over $50,000 of machinery that wasn’t tracked by RAM, but as the criminals used a vehicle that was tracked to load the equipment onto another truck, I was able to find out the exact time of the robbery, meaning I could track down local CCTV footage. Sadly it was too dark to see anything that would help lead to an arrest, but I’m very encouraged by the potential of the system for preventing or recovering the theft of our vehicles.”

Travel report eliminates disputes

“Apart from the idling report, I often view the travel report. This shows us in black and white what time a driver arrived at site and what time they leave. We don’t get many disputes, but when one does arise I know I can confidently prove that we were where we should have been at an agreed time.”

“RAM is an excellent tool for managing your fleet. Honestly, I wouldn’t ever consider operating a business without it!”

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