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"The RAM system is a highly flexible mobile solution"

Rick Raposo
Safety Co-ordinator

The RAM system is a highly flexible mobile solution

With over 40 plus years of flat roofing experience, crews are fully trained on how to install the best quality of roof systems and since Roque Roofing takes pride in our work we ensure all project requests are met to the customer’s satisfaction. Roque Roofing serves all of southwestern Ontario, providing professional friendly service and quality commercial roofing. Certified to install many types of roofing systems, quickly and efficiently, Roque Roofing has the expertise to get the job done!

Unauthorised personal visits stopped

“Our supervisors take the vehicles home as they have on-call duties, where they respond to out of hours’ emergencies.  As roofing contractors, we have to follow very strict safety guidelines as it is considered a potentially dangerous job.  Unfortunately, we suspected some of our supervisors were ‘running personal errands’ on their way home, which could pose a big problem if they were called to attend a site.  We had the RAM tracking solution fitted to the vehicles and instantly used the system to mark known locations.  The tracker alerts you when a vehicle enters a banned location.  As we expected, the alarms were activated and we caught a couple of our guys.  Not only is it a legal and safety issue, but our brand also suffers when people see our vehicles used for non-work related activities.”

10% Productivity increase

“We started to verify our employee timesheets against the data extracted from the RAM system.  The accuracy of the report that monitors the ignition on and off means we can check the payroll process carefully. We did find that there were a few hours being overclaimed each week. We can actively monitor this, but we can also see that the tracking system has had a productivity effect on the guys.  Now they know we can see their movements, I’d say we’re getting around an extra 10% productivity out of them! ”   

Site attendance monitored

“We have a strict legal requirement to ensure a supervisor is onsite all the time. We can easily use the RAM system to verify this.  We did actually catch a supervisor who left his site for over an hour on a few occasions.  We were able to dismiss him without question as a result.”

Warranty backed with insurance savings

“Paying easy instalments for the RAM system was a strong point for us, having the system backed by a warranty was also a big factor.  Essentially the qualities of system sold itself.  The ability to watch over your fleet cannot be understated.  It’s crucial for any business that is serious about what it does.  The reports are easy to understand and highlighting areas where we can be more efficient enables you to be more proactive.  Added to this, we submitted the details to our insurer and got a reduction off our premiums too.”

A true mobile solution

“Whether I’m sitting at my desk, at home or at an away location I can track the fleet and see what’s happening.  I can use my iPhone app, which makes everything super-easy to use.  The RAM system is a highly flexible mobile solution that delivers on its promises!”

“RAM is a professional company throughout.  We selected them from other companies in the market for many good reasons, but the two main points that stood out in my mind are the cost effectiveness of the solution and the ability to create user-defined locations – something other systems weren’t able to do! ” 

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