Tree Amigos

Tree Amigos

"I now have a unique snapshot of how my business operates"

Drew Hutchison

I was impressed by the speed of the installers

Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. is a leading landscape construction and maintenance company. Providing a design, build and property maintenance service to  clients across the  Niagara Region  and Southern  Ontario,  the company has continued to thrive since its inception in 2001.

Reducing liabilities

“We get a lot of snow removal work in our area and operate during late evenings, night time and early mornings. Unfortunately the weather can be so bad at times, the area we clear can get covered again. Clients will call and suggest that we haven’t cleared their lot, but with RAM on board I can easily print off a report that shows what time my guys arrived, how long they were on site and the exact time they left. This reduces our liabilities  and verifies our work.”

Productivity up by 25%

“Wasted time and inefficient routes were once a problem. We knew, prior to having the RAM system installed, that a tracking  system would help alleviate this. Now we can locate everyone to street level accuracy with just a few clicks, we are able to know where our guys are, what they are doing and allows us to direct the closest opera- tor to new jobs as they come in. Having this information at our fingertips means we have been able to reduce our fuel and communications bills, whilst pushing our productivity up by around 25%!”

Less paperwork

“The RAM system is dynamic and frees up our time by automatically working in the background. This means that we capture valuable vehicle and location data without being tied to a computer monitor. We have peace of mind that at a moments notice we can request specific information and print off management reports to accom- plish the task in hand. There’s less paperwork to file and sort through – and that’s a bonus in our busy office!”

Warranty and free updates

“One aspect of the RAM offering that makes a lot of business sense is the warranty backing and easy payment scheme. I don’t have to worry about owning a system that might go out of date. RAM makes it easy to get the system up and running, so you can concentrate on your business goals. There’s no upfront fee and all updates are released to users free of charge. That means that my system is always at the cutting edge of tracking technology – without spending a dime more!”

Slick installation and service

“The RAM system is easy to use, but I was impressed at the speed the installers fitted the system. It was worked around our schedule, so we didn’t experience any costly downtime. The team were professional and the service I receive is exemplary.”

"Watching your mobile assets move around in real time allows you to get a unique  snapshot of how your business operates. Having this ability helps us to better understand and overcome the many daily logistical challenges we face and gives us a far greater level of control to make improvements that save time and money."

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