Grab a bigger share of fuel deliveries with better fleet management; reduce fuel costs, demonstrate duty of care and reduce emissions.

Few commodities are more important than fuel to drive the general economy, business, industry and household consumption. As a vital chain in that link, your fuel depot and/or delivery service must be as efficient and productive as possible. RAM Tracking’s GPS fleet management technology is a high-octane advantage that will have your customers cheering, open new markets and generate a robust revenue stream.

Dispatch and Deliver Fuels at the Pace of Pump Pricing

Dispatch and deliver fuels at the pace of pump pricing

Approximately 80% of all gasoline is bought at convenience stores and many of them have advanced pump pricing software and technologies to make instantaneous decisions about the most competitive prices to set throughout each day to maximize sales.

Your timely deliveries are critical to their pricing strategies – and the use of RAM Tracking GPS technology will help you be their most reliable source and service. If you operate a large fleet of trucks and supply many retail locations every day, then RAM Tracking devices and software are absolutely necessary to manage a complex delivery schedule.

Even if you have a smaller operation, our GPS tracking system is very affordable, easy for everyone to learn and will start to improve your fleet management immediately. Better tracking of your fleet assets in your Canadian service area can propel your business from a small operation to a much bigger one.

Rule the Rural Market with Speedier, More Efficient Deliveries

Rule the Rural Market with Speedier, More Efficient Deliveries

Rule the tural market with speedier, more efficient deliveries

Rural Canada has its own unique fuel needs, from gasoline to power farming vehicles to propane for equipment and other uses to heating oil for homes and other buildings. With greater distances between your depot and your customers, it is even more important you have complete control of your trucks’ movement.

Farmers need fuels based on sowing, growing and harvesting seasons – and a day’s delay can be all the difference between an average harvest and a very profitable one. You can become more farmers’ “go-to” supplier with the precise and accurate real-time fleet management of RAM Tracking’s GPS tracker. Your customers are sure to tell their neighbors about your exceptional service. Soon, you’ll need more trucks and more GPS trackers!

Key Features

Proof of Work

Data capture records and measures every movement of a vehicle, which is invaluable for auditing, complaints and work estimates.

Driver Dispatch

With all vehicles on one dashboard an operations team can dispatch the nearest vehicle to any urgent or emergency work.

Job Tracking

Automatic alerts monitor how long an engine has been idle for over a time period to identify and reduce fuel consumption.

Time Tracking

Verify submitted time sheets to ensure that accurate records are being submitted and reduce unauthorised overtime.

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