Improve business efficiency with smart vehicle tracking from RAM. It's 100% automated which means you don't even need to login, the system will alert you when something has happened meaning you don’t have to waste time searching through those detailed reports.


Truck driving on a highway with milage use on screen

How does it save me money?

RAM provides you with a complete picture of your business vehicle running costs without you physically having to be there with every single driver. This holistic view enables you to effectively manage your fleet and increase productivity. RAM Tracking can help you to reduce fleet costs by:


  • Private mileage – reducing gas consumption, along with wear and tear on your vehicle(s)
  • Efficient route planning – save money on gas by making sure your drivers are taking the most cost-effective routes for jobs
  • Excessive idling – stop your drivers from burning gas through idling
  • Speeding – monitor how well your employees are driving your vehicles, speeding and harsh breaking can not only have an impact on gas consumption but also wear and tear on your vehicle(s)

Vehicle journeys with live GPS

RAM Tracking’s live GPS vehicle tracking always enables you to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles, allowing for historical access to any vehicle journeys. This gives you an overview of productivity throughout any working day. 

The user friendly interface allows an individual to quickly identify additional job opportunities or locate nearest working vehicles to maximise profit margins.

Worker checking his phone with a notification displaying a worker's arrival

Taking the environmentally-friendly approach

RAM Tracking takes the environmentally-friendly approach therefore all the information provided by our vehicle tracking system down to the notifications are provided to you electronically.

All the information are stored on a cloud based server, your username and password provides you access to any of that information at any given time so its now more accessible than ever, you can quickly and easily filter through the data to retrieve the information you are looking for, additional to that, this also helps you reduce the amount of clutter in the office.

RAM Tracking’s environmentally friendly stance doesn’t limit your options. the information is available to download at hand should you choose.

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