Managing supply-chain across different deliveries

Rising customer demands after the pandemic have posed several challenges for the delivery industry. Getting accustomed to having everything at their doorstep, consumers expect efficient and faster deliveries. Additionally, they want packages to be received in excellent condition, with constant updates on the delivery schedule, tracking ability, etc. All this might seem straightforward, but it puts delivery companies, as well as their employees, under pressure to meet customer expectations.

Whether food or eCommerce, delivery-based businesses have become demand-responsive, making smooth and simplified last-mile delivery critical. And they can do so by adopting an end-to-end delivery job management software to keep track of delivery operations from one dashboard

Delivery driver in blue wearing a baseball cap is taking 3 boxes on a trolley

Ensure timely and efficient deliveries with our delivery job management software

Job Assist is a powerful delivery driver management software that helps to digitise processes from job creation to completion and ensure a seamless customer experience. 

Schedule and manage jobs

Our comprehensive job scheduling software empowers you to schedule jobs in a few clicks.

  • Use custom job sheets and assign delivery jobs easily. Employees receive job updates in real-time on our job scheduling app.

  • Reschedule jobs on the go and fix last-minute calls.

  • Get details of each job and costs under one system. 

Track jobs

You no longer need to call employees and ask them about delivery status; you can see the progress of all jobs through Job Assist’s job tracking software.

  • Track delivery workers and vehicles in real-time.

  • View the status or progression of each delivery and demand necessary changes.

  • Once a job has been completed your employee can quickly and easily open the app and complete the job on the spot.

Delivery driver dressed in blue is sat in his van looking at the delivery driver management software

Dispatch the closest drivers

By using Job Assist alongside RAM Tracking you can use the GPS tracking feature allowing you to quickly respond to prompt services and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Dispatch the nearest delivery employee to the job site with the help of location tracking.

  • If a driver gets held up at a job you can quickly use RAM Tracking to find the closest driver to stay on track

  • Jobs are completed on time, the customer remains happy

Driver mobile app

Delivery personnel can get all delivery details on our job scheduling app and update the status of jobs on the mobile app itself. 

  • Delivery driver management software ensures delivery personnel never miss a job detail. 

  • Delivery employees can take customer approvals and signatures, giving simple proof of an employee being on site.

  • The driver management app connects the remote workforce to the office seamlessly. 

Centralised database

Data about all deliveries are stored in a cloud-based system, helping you to ditch manual paper-based approaches. 

  • A singular database makes sharing and accessing data easier.

  • Reduce admin headaches and save costs on tons of receipts.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration across teams.

Delivery driver driving his van with packages  in the passenger seat

Manage more deliveries with utmost convenience

Easy accessibility

Our solution is accessible from any device, and the field worker mobile app works on iOS and Android. 

Leading tracking solution provider

RAM Tracking is a leading tracking solution provider in the UK, serving 35,000+ businesses across the globe.

Seamless integration

Job Assist works alongside your existing RAM Tracking solutions

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Improved last-mile deliveries

If a driver follows a similar route on a daily basis, you can work out a more efficient route that can save money through less fuel usage.

Enhanced customer experience

By receiving a signature and taking a photo on completion of a job, you show that you arrived and completed a job to the correct standards - so if there is someone else there on site, you can prove the job was completed to the individual that the job was set up with.

A customised job sheet

You are able to create job sheets within Job Assist that give your employees the information that they need before the job or even the information that they need to fill out when a job has been completed.

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