Manage your jobs from anywhere with just a few clicks

Whether you’re a tradesperson or managing a trade business, it can be very challenging to be on-the-go all day managing things like documenting work done, communicating with customers, reporting to managers, invoicing, taking payments, and dealing with admin work. To reduce inefficiencies and increase cash flow, tradespeople should deploy our streamlined job management system to better manage projects and jobs, communicate with customers, and keep the job cycle up and running.

builder measuring a wall with a spirit level.

Ensure a smooth-running team

Our job management platform brings all information together in one place so tradespeople can communicate in and around tasks quickly and easily.

On-the-move job management

Tradespeople can view, edit, and update job details on the field with our job management software, eliminating the need to go to the office and saving time. It makes it simpler for everyone to access information anytime and any day through any device. Likewise, decisions and queries can be funnelled and approved quickly, reducing headaches and delays.

Accurate time tracking

Taking the time to fill out accurate time sheets allows the tradesmen to take a look at their day and ensure they are remaining on schedule, allowing them to get in touch with the next job if they are running late, or, getting in touch with the head office to get someone else to ensure the job is done on time. Job Assist is there to help keep everyone on time.

business owner checking in the a team member and scheduling a job onto their work assigned.

Document control

Each job comes with a lot of documentation, regardless of the size. Depending on the paper-based approach becomes a massive challenge as tradespeople have to keep the documents organised and ensure they don’t get lost. Our single and digitised platform helps trade teams to record data instantly and can focus on their work, knowing all documents are stored safely in one spot.

Faster payments

Tradespeople can communicate job information to customers on the field, resolve issues instantly, and accelerate the process of job completion. As the cost and job-related information are available at their fingertips, they can quickly generate quotes and estimates for potential jobs. Tradespeople can get approvals from the Job Assist mobile app, get paid faster, and increase cash flow.

Custom job sheets

Creating and working on excel job sheets can consume a majority of tradespeople’s time, affecting their work hours and productivity in the field. Our platform offers custom and digital job sheets that tradespeople can view, edit, and add comments from the mobile app and communicate with the office team in real-time. These job sheets are stored in our central system that can be viewed by managers anytime, saving time and travel costs

Construction worker using the app to update the job progress

Focus on work and customers; not paperwork

Reduces stress

Our job management platform gives you everything in one place, reducing the stress of managing multiple systems.

Digitised process

Manage jobs and maximise productivity by replacing paperwork and removing the hassle of paper-based processes.

Strong collaboration

One central system for job management keeps everybody up-to-date and enhances team communication.

Electrician fitting a new air con system in a home

Reduces errors

Increased team efficiency can reduce bottlenecks and the risk of overlap or duplication of work at the same time.

Save money

With enhanced communication, better tracking of costs and work hours, more jobs can be finished in the same amount of time, saving payroll expenses.

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