By RAM Tracking on 19 Feb 2024

Dash Cam Advantages for Fleets

In today's ever-changing business environment, Canadian fleet managers face numerous challenges, from ensuring safety to maximizing operational effectiveness. Luckily, the incorporation of dash cams into fleet vehicles provides a comprehensive solution to tackle these issues effectively. Dash cams offer various benefits to fleet operations:

  • Improving driver safety.
  • Reducing liability risks.
  • Enhancing fleet performance.

Whether you're an experienced fleet manager or new to the industry, recognizing the importance of dash cams is crucial for managing a successful fleet. In a time where every decision matters and there's little room for error on the roads, leveraging technological innovations like dash cams can revolutionize your fleet management approach.

How do dash cams work?

Dash cams are small devices mounted on a vehicle's windshield, playing an important role in modern driving by capturing real-time footage of the road ahead or the driver.

These cameras activate automatically when the vehicle is in motion or as per preset configurations through hardwiring. They can be triggered by events like collisions or detected motion. Dash cams ensure continuous recording, with older footage automatically replaced by newer recordings, ensuring no critical incidents are overlooked.

One of the standout features of these devices is their storage capabilities. Recorded footage is securely stored either on an online cloud platform or an SD card, giving fleet managers easy access to historical data for analysis and review. The flexibility in storage options not only improves accessibility but also guarantees data integrity, making dash cams the preferred choice for fleet management solutions.

Dash cams offer more than just passive recording—they provide fleet managers with:

  • Valuable insights into driver behavior.
  • Real-time recording of road incidents.
  • Evidence of vehicle performance.

With their seamless operation, efficient storage solutions, and comprehensive recording capabilities, dash cams can be indispensable tools for ensuring safety, security, and accountability within fleet operations.

Benefits of a dash cam

Dash cams offer numerous benefits for fleet managers, which can significantly improve their operations. Whether you need to monitor your drivers' behavior or implement training programs for new employees, the footage captured can be extremely valuable.

  • Enhanced safety: Dash cams encourage safer driving habits among fleet drivers as they are aware of being recorded. This can result in fewer incidents and risky driving behaviors, potentially reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities.
  • Incident evidence: In the case of an incident, dash cams provide clear and impartial evidence of what transpired. This can expedite insurance claims processing, accurately determine fault, and potentially decrease legal liabilities.
  • Driver training and coaching: Fleet managers can utilize dash cam footage to offer personalized feedback and coaching to drivers, assisting them in enhancing their skills and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Fleet optimization: By analyzing dash cam recordings, fleet managers can pinpoint inefficiencies in routes, address vehicle maintenance issues, and identify areas for improvement in overall fleet operations. This data-driven approach enables better decision-making to optimize resources and minimize costs.
  • Protection against fraud: Dash cams can help deter fraudulent claims, such as staged incidents or exaggerated injury claims, by providing undeniable evidence of the actual events.
  • Increased accountability: Dash cams foster accountability among drivers, who know their actions are being recorded. This can result in greater adherence to company policies and regulations.

Dash cams empower fleet managers with valuable insights and tools to enhance safety, efficiency, and accountability within their fleets, ultimately leading to improved performance and cost savings.

RAM Tracking dash cams

RAM Tracking provides two innovative dash cams tailored for Canadian fleets, whether you're prioritizing driver safety or monitoring behavior. Our cameras are designed to enhance your operations:

  • Thinkware F70 SD dash cam:
    - Delivers 1080p Full HD video quality.
    - Includes a parking surveillance mode for continuous operation even when the engine is off (requires customization from default settings).
    - Offers various recording modes: continuous, incident, manual, and fail-safe recording.
  • Queclink CV200 live dash cam:
    - Features a 60-second live camera feed, allowing real-time monitoring of drivers throughout their journey.
    - Equipped with a Full HD front-facing camera and an additional rear-facing camera for added flexibility.
    - Remains active after ignition is turned off, enabling video requests even when not actively on the road.


The integration of dash cams into Canadian fleet vehicles presents a versatile solution to the many challenges faced by fleet managers in today's dynamic business landscape. By harnessing the power of technology, fleet managers can leverage dash cams to enhance safety, mitigate risks, and optimize operations.

Dash cams offer a wide range of advantages, ranging from:

  • Promoting safer driving habits.
  • Providing evidence in the event of incident.
  • Facilitating driver training.
  • Optimizing fleet performance.

These devices not only serve as a proactive measure to protect against fraudulent claims but also foster greater accountability among drivers, which may increase compliance with company policies and regulations.

Dash cams provide invaluable insights into:

  • Driver behavior.
  • Real-time recording of road incidents.
  • Evidence of vehicle performance.

This empowers fleet managers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement within their operations.

At RAM Tracking, our range of dash cams, including the Thinkware F70 SD dash cam and the Queclink CV200 live dash cam, is specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of Canadian fleets. With features like:

  • High-definition video quality.
  • Continuous recording modes.
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities.

Our dash cams are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and accountability, ultimately leading to improved performance and cost savings for fleet managers across Canada.

In essence, dash cams represent more than just a technological innovation—they are indispensable assets that have the potential to revolutionize fleet management practices, ensuring that Canadian fleets remain safe, secure, and operationally efficient in an ever-evolving business environment.

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