By RAM Tracking on 3 Jan 2023

Apart from dealing with several fleet management operations, one of the most significant responsibilities for a fleet manager is to increase profitability year on year, without compromising on efficiency. Technology in the form of fleet management and telematics solutions is helping them to tackle challenges effectively, but the advent of dashcams has simplified fleet management like never before.

A dash camera is a small camera mounted on the vehicle's dashboard that records the road while driving. Dual-facing cameras are increasingly gaining the limelight as they capture all details on the road and inside the cabin during each trip. Having first-hand, unbiased documentation of road events helps fleet managers overcome several challenges like accidents, theft and fraud, insurance claims, road and driver safety, and dashcam insurance.

Here are some captivating benefits of a dash camera that can help you achieve an edge.

Solid Evidence

  • You can use dash camera footage as evidence to quickly resolve any matter.
  • You can check what happened during accidents or collisions and get to know who's at fault, especially when there are no eye witnesses.
  • Fleet businesses can save a lot of time in collecting evidence and protecting their drivers, as truck drivers are often blamed for accidents.
  • Even courts now accept dash camera footage as evidence for trial proceedings.

Improve Driving Behavior

  • While telematics provides data about driving behaviour, you can use inside-the-cabin footage to closely monitor drivers.
  • Our 4G-connected dash camera with in-built G-sensors notifies fleet managers of speeding, harsh braking, cornering, etc.
  • Fleet managers can use dash cam videos to help coach drivers, reduce the chances of accidents, and improve safety.
  • Create driver behavior reports and reward those with the best scores and ensure that you coach those drivers that have poor scores. This will encourage drivers to adhere to traffic rules.
  • Drivers will not indulge in any distractions or illicit activities while driving when they know vehicles are equipped with dash cameras.

Reduce Fraud and Theft

  • Fraudsters intentionally cause accidents to extort money from other drivers. It becomes difficult to prove that your drivers are not at fault in this crime scene.
  • Dash cameras eliminate the guesswork and proves your drivers are innocent.
  • Fleet managers can submit the footage in a court of law and put such fraudsters behind bars. If all commercial vehicles use a dash camera, it can help taper fraudulent incidents.
  • Vehicle theft is also on the rise, and commercial vehicles are the prime target of thieves.
  • In-built G-sensors of our connected dash camera detect a break-in and theft and notify fleet managers in real-time.
  • Fleet businesses can use dash cam videos to see thieves' activities, determine their identities (if possible), and involve the local authorities.
  • You can even monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles and track them in real-time.

Reduce Costs

  • One of the valuable benefits of a dash camera is that it helps to reduce costs. Many people also ask, “Do dashcams lower insurance?” Yes, a dash cam can reduce insurance.
  • Accidents and collisions increase repair and maintenance costs, affecting business profitability.
  • Dash camera footage can improve drivers' driving skills to avoid car accidents and save on repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Fleet managers can notify insurance agencies of First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and reduce insurance premiums when they know their drivers are not at fault.
  • Claiming insurance is exhaustive, but dash camera video can accelerate the claim process as insurance companies have first-hand evidence and lower insurance with dash cam.
  • Many insurance companies offer a dash cam insurance discount to promote the use of dash cameras. Hence, personal car owners are installing an insurance approved dash cam in their cars.

Cutting-edge Capabilities

  • RAM Live functions on 4G connectivity and data is directly stored in the cloud, enabling fleet managers to view and access the footage anytime, anywhere.
  • Dash cameras also offer impact detection alerts wherein they notify fleet managers of even a small impact on vehicles.
  • G-sensors can identify unusual driving behaviour and automatically alert fleet managers. Some even offer a live streaming feature to view the recordings in real-time.

But make sure to consider some features before you buy a dash camera.

  • It should offer 1920 x 1080p full HD video quality with an ultra-wide 150-degree viewing angle.
  • Buy a dash camera that offers wireless connectivity and cloud storage, eliminating the need to buy extra SD storage space.
  • Night vision is essential to capture videos clearly during night trips or low-light conditions.
  • Dash cameras with in-built GPS offer advanced GPS tracking capabilities.
  • Many dashcams use AI algorithms to analyse facial expressions, detect fatigue, drowsiness, or use of cell phones while driving, etc., and alert drivers and fleet managers of distracted driving.
  • Dash cameras offer a sleep mode feature wherein the camera will record when it detects movement to avoid hit-and-runs (this feature must be turned on as it is off by default)


Dash cameras will help you cut down costs and boost the ROI of your investments, so, now is the right time to equip your vehicles with them. Promoting safe driving helps reduce accidents, decreases vehicle wear and tear, and increases longevity.

It provides an extra layer of security, gives you more visibility into on-road operations, bolsters drivers' and vehicles' safety, and ensures efficient operations; not to forget that a dash cam lowers insurance. The best part is it is effortless to install, and you don't need any technical knowledge–just plug and play.

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