By RAM Tracking on 7 May 2019

Almost any size or type of company anywhere can benefit from implementing fleet management software. But there are some unique characteristics that make fleet management software in Canada particularly important, challenging, and valuable to companies that do business here.


Fleet Tracking Canada: Unique Challenges


Oh, Canada.


Some of the very things that make the country special can make fleet management daunting.


In cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, traffic can be nightmarish at times. In other parts of the country, people, businesses, and vehicle service stations can be few and really, really far between. And some greater metropolitan areas, such as Calgary and Edmonton, can combine the best – or worst – of urban and rural driving challenges.


Then there’s the weather. Frozen, icy, snow-covered roads and snowed-in locations in winter. Sometimes oppressive heat and humidity in summer. And sudden storms can bring traffic-intensifying challenges almost any time, almost anywhere in the country. In 2018, The Star reported that December and January see a rise of 3.1 to 4.7 percent in car accident cases in Canada, and a rise of nearly 49 percent in insurance claims.


These are just some of the factors that can challenge even the most sophisticated fleet management software in Canada, and the people and processes that rely upon it. Others include distracted and intoxicated drivers and acts of nature not related to weather. These are not unique to Canada, but the country’s weather and demographics can amplify these challenges.


Fleet Management Software in Canada: Just a Start


Clearly, if your company depends on fleet vehicles to do business and satisfy customers in Canada, you need the best fleet management software you can get. But that software is not enough to deliver the consistently excellent fleet management your business needs to succeed. Someone has got to manage the use of that software, as well as the vehicles that comprise your fleet.


A critical element of that management is the tracking of your vehicles. You need modern tracking based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is widely supported by leading software and tracking device makers worldwide. In fact, when considering fleet management software, you should first ensure that all the candidate solutions you consider support GPS. This will make your tracking more accurate and consistent, and help to maximize the value of your fleet management software investment.


For successful fleet management, you need fleet management software that can handle Canada’s unique challenges. You also need GPS tracking, and the best people you can find to turn your hardware, software, and processes into fleet management that delivers the levels of performance your business needs and your clients and partners deserve.


RAM Tracking Canada combines advanced software, effective GPS tracking, and experienced people to help manage more than 9,500 vehicles for more than 2,500 Canadian companies every day. Contact us today, and learn how we can help your company.

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