By RAM Tracking on 31 Aug 2023

Regardless of whether your fleet consists of just three vehicles or spans thousands of vehicles and assets, a GPS fleet tracking system offers invaluable assistance in managing various aspects. From monitoring vehicle usage and maintenance to ensuring compliance with laws, protecting drivers, and more, it proves to be an incredibly useful tool for businesses.

In today's world, conducting business comes with hidden costs, particularly due to increasing traffic congestion and rising fuel prices. Fortunately, a well-implemented fleet tracking system can effectively mitigate these costs while bringing a range of additional benefits to your business.

Risk management

From haulage companies to taxi services, fleets encounter numerous daily risks, making risk management a crucial aspect of ensuring smooth fleet operations and keeping customers satisfied.

A fleet management system empowers businesses to mitigate risk effectively by implementing the following measures:

  • Real-time driver behavior alerts.
  • Instant incident replay for accident investigation.
  • Audit and compliance support.
  • Streamlining maintenance with vehicle checks.
  • Ensure drivers are taking the safest routes.

Fleet management software plays an important role in identifying potential risks and mitigating them with helpful driver data and reliable real-time tracking. By utilizing these capabilities, companies can foster safer and more efficient fleet operations.

Expense management

Managing costs can be challenging for fleet managers due to various factors such as fluctuating fuel prices, vehicle maintenance, labor costs and much more. By employing a fleet management system, costs can be minimized through alerts for excessive idling, inefficient routing, and driver behaviors like harsh acceleration.

Here’s how RAM Tracking’s expense management can help you:

  • Enhanced Expense Visibility: Travel expense management software enables tracking and reduction of unauthorized expenses.
  • Improved Spend Controls: Implement advanced controls to minimize overspending with travel expense management software.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: Travel expense management software streamlines approval, reducing workload and approval times for managers.
  • Accurate Spending Analytics: Fuel expense management software provides spending pattern analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Effortless Receipt Uploading: Drivers can upload fuel receipts and expenses in seconds, streamlining efficiency and eliminating lost paperwork.

Driver safety

Our roads are more dangerous than ever, and safety is a major concern for drivers and fleet managers alike.

By utilizing driver our behavior monitoring and real-time alerts, a fleet tracking system can effectively minimize:

  • Speeding incidents.
  • Harsh braking and acceleration.
  • Dangerous driving.

Amid increasing demands for improved time management and efficient routing, drivers encounter numerous challenges. Nevertheless, implementing a fleet tracking system can lead to more cautious driving behaviour, with drivers paying closer attention to laws and potential violations.


A GPS fleet tracking system brings many benefits to businesses, regardless of fleet size. From efficient vehicle management to compliance with laws and driver protection, it proves to be an indispensable tool.

The system aids in risk management by providing real-time driver behavior alerts, incident replays, and compliance support, fostering safer and more efficient fleet operations.

Moreover, the system prioritises driver safety by minimizing speeding incidents, harsh braking, and dangerous driving through behavior monitoring and real-time alerts. With a fleet tracking system in place, businesses can enhance their operations, reduce costs, and ensure safer journeys for drivers and customers alike.

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