By RAM Tracking on 23 Dec 2022

Electric is the new buzzword of the vehicle industry. Petrol and diesel engines produce harmful emissions that have negative effects on the environment and public health. Governments around the world, including here in the US and Canada have been taking steps to reduce the areas they can go by creating wider Ultra Low Emission Zones.

Electric vehicles not only have environmental and public health benefits, but they may also provide significant cost savings in terms of maintenance and running costs for commercial fleet vehicles, especially when you use vehicle telematics.

While there are many obvious benefits to going electric, there are also barriers to adopting new fleet management solutions. As electric vehicles are still relatively new, managers may be worried that an electric vehicle may run out of battery or that the initial switch costs are too high. Some may be concerned about how they will keep track of a vehicle that is running out of battery or needs servicing.

For those managers considering how to best manage their fleet tracking, the blog below gives a brief overview of electric vehicle telematics as well as outlines the key benefits and barriers to adopting this new technology.

What is electric vehicle telematics?

Electric vehicle telematics combines GPS systems, onboard diagnostics, telecommunications and vehicle technologies to enable effective fleet tracking. These types of fleet management solutions provide managers with key data and insight into their fleets, ultimately creating a safer and more efficient work environment.

What information does electric vehicle telematics provide?

Electric vehicle telematics gives fleet managers a huge amount of data and insights into their electric vehicle fleets. A manager in charge of fleet tracking can expect to be informed about current battery levels, driver routes, average speeds of driving, how well your drivers are driving, and many other metrics when using a good telematics system.

How do electric vehicle telematic systems work?

Telematics systems work by combining cloud-based platforms and in-vehicle hardware. The hardware in your electric vehicle is hardwired into the machine or connected in through an onboard diagnostics port. Information about the journey and driver is collected and relayed to the cloud-based platform via the cellular network, in much the same way as a mobile phone.

What are the benefits of using electric vehicle telematics?

Telematics provide insight into driver behavior

Electric vehicles are expensive. That’s why it’s critical for fleet managers to know how well their drivers are driving. Telematics provides fleet tracking information such as routes taken, total distance traveled, driving time, average vehicle speed, and harsh acceleration or braking. These fleet tracking insights allow managers to step in if dangerous or ineffective driving is taking place ensuring the safety of both your driver and the electric vehicle.

Telematics can plan the most efficient routes

All electric vehicle telematics include a GPS system and real-time map tracking. Not only does this enable fleet racking but it also allows for the planning of the most efficient routes which means quicker arrival times and getting the most use out of the electric batteries.

Telematics can send you vehicle health updates

Electric vehicle hardware is a powerful piece of technology. It’s integrated into the heart of your fleet which is why it is so effective as a fleet management solution. Using the cloud-based system, those in charge of fleet tracking gain insights into tire pressure, oil levels, battery health, and any potentially faulty elements of the vehicle.

Telematics can set up charging schedules and alerts

The area most fleet tracking managers worry about is charging. As a relatively new technology, the infrastructure for electric vehicles is still limited and this requires fleet managers to carefully plan routes around electric vehicle charging stations. Telematics systems allow managers to put together data-led charging schedules and receive continuous updates in order to create an effective and efficient plan.

Telematics can save you money

A good telematics system will be a great return on investment. There is a huge range of cost reductions associated with telematics such as reduced maintenance costs, reduced fuel costs, and huge savings on insurance premiums.

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