Privacy Switch

A privacy switch allows drivers to temporarily hide the tracking function when they're off-duty or on personal time, whilst still tracking the mileage. This helps protect the driver's privacy when they're not using the vehicle for work-related purposes.

In fleet vehicles, privacy switches can assist fleet managers with tax calculations by allowing for more accurate tracking and reporting of business-related mileage versus personal mileage.

Image of a fleet driver using a privacy switch

Personal mileage for fleet drivers

When calculating tax for fleet vehicles, it can be difficult to know the difference between personal mileage of your drivers vs business mileage. By using a privacy switch to separate business and personal use of fleet vehicles, fleet managers can:

  • More accurately track and report the mileage driven for business purposes. 
  • Ensure that only the business-related mileage is considered for tax deductions, reducing the risk of inaccuracies or potential audits.

While a privacy switch itself may not directly facilitate tax calculations, it can contribute to more accurate mileage tracking, which in turn can help fleet managers effectively manage tax-related expenses and deductions associated with their fleet vehicles.

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Image of fleet driver using privacy switch.

Give drivers privacy after hours

Privacy switches in fleet vehicles offer drivers the ability to disconnect from work-related monitoring after hours, allowing them their personal time.

By empowering drivers to control tracking systems, these switches promote a healthy work-life balance and demonstrate respect for privacy rights. Additionally, they help companies navigate legal and ethical considerations surrounding employee privacy, fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect between employers and drivers.

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Key features

Private mileage

Allow your drivers privacy off-the-clock with private mileage.

Tax deductions

Keep track of private vs business vehicle use for tax purposes.

Set limits

If drivers overstep private mileage limits, you'll be informed immediately.

Image of fleet driver using privacy switch.

Privacy switches and GPS tracking

Privacy switches and GPS tracking systems work hand in hand to balance operational needs with privacy concerns in fleet management. By empowering drivers to control tracking based on their work schedules, these systems ensure compliance with privacy regulations while fostering transparency and trust.

Additionally, the integration of privacy switches enhances security measures and promotes a collaborative environment between fleet managers and drivers, ultimately optimising fleet management practices.

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