Why use car tracking?

By using RAM Tracking's automated company car tracking systems, you will receive comprehensive reporting on aspects of your business that you would like to have better visibility over, whether it be your vehicles or your employees. Vehicle tracking costs outline the small outlay required to have complete visibility of your company cars.



A man driving a dark blue car - in the top right of the image there is a route replay of his journey

Why are RAM Tracking the best car tracking company?

Through the use of our advanced car tracking systems, gaining insights and keeping track of your company cars is easier than ever. You can look into your employee efficiency and productivity throughout the day, including just how cost-effective they are being with their fuel.

With other car tracking systems, you may find that you are wasting hours of your time just going through overly detailed reports that don't show you trends or the various anomalies that lie within the data. This is time that could be used on more productive tasks. By using RAM GPS tracking systems for your company cars, we do the hard work for you.

There is 100% automation when you are using our car tracking systems; so all you have to do is let us know the information that you're most interested in, and we do the rest. 

Ultimately, RAM Tracking will help reduce your admin time which leads to improved efficiency for your fleet manager and management team. In the long run, this saves your business money, and you will only feel the benefits more and more as time goes on.

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Who uses car tracking?

There are no end to the number of companies that use car tracking. If employees are given company cars, or a person is using their personal vehicle, but the company is paying for their fuel, then the business has it in its best interest to have car tracking so they know where this vehicle is, as well as how much time of the drivers day is spent idling, this allows the business to understand how much, if any, fuel is being unnecessarily wasted. 

At RAM Tracking, we help your business gain incredible insights such as fuel wastage, cost-effectiveness, driver behaviour and more, as these are the insights that your company uses to save time and money. We have developed our advanced company car tracking system to make it incredibly easy for businesses like yours to keep track of your assets, cut down on fuel expenses and see where efficiency improvements can be made in the future.

By using our company car tracking device, you are able to receive relevant information that allows you to make improvements across your business. As a market-leader, we understand the length of time it takes on a daily basis to analyse large pieces of data. So, we make it easy for you to create detailed reports that help you to identify the problem areas in a clear and simple manner. Whether you're a fleet manager that operates thousands of company cars, or if you utilise cars just as part of a taxi service, RAM Tracking will help you install a robust, cost-effective and intelligent car tracking system that will help you to save time and money. Find out more information on our comprehensive fleet management software.

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A red polygon geofence on the RAM Tracking live map with our list of geofences in the top left.

Get notifications by using polygon geofences

Our powerful RAM Tracking app has various functions and features, one of the most powerful being the polygon geofences. Polygon geofences allow your fleet manager to get notified when a tracked vehicle enters or exits a pre-determined area. You can find out when tracked vehicles come to the office as well as when they leave. 

If you simply draw a polygon geofence around an area that you want to track visits to and from, for example, your office building, you can then track the start time of your employees' days as well as what time they are finishing. This allows you to talk to any of your employees that are consistently arriving late or even finishing late too. A simple yet effective way to ensure that your staff is on time every day. 

You can decide the colours of your polygon geofences, this is a benefit to you when you are looking at them, as you can colour code them based on what it is. You colour them based on what your business is used to, short-term jobs, long-term jobs, frequent locations, office sites, etc. This gives you a good way of seeing all of your polygon geofences at a glance.

Polygon geofences allow you to also ensure that you know when your mobile workforce arrive to other places, if they need to be at an important meeting at a location elsewhere, you can put the geofence on that site, or if everyone picks up the vehicle from a single location in a morning, you can again ensure that staff are not starting late or finishing early.

This is a simple way of moving forwards and finding easy ways to help coach your staff to be more efficient.

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RAM Tracking live map reports dashboard feature - our various historical reports

Powerful insights through historical reporting

By using RAM Tracking, you can very quickly go into the web app, click into "Historical Reports" and you can choose from one of 27 different reports including:

  • Travel Report
  • Geofence Visit
  • Green Report
  • Idle Report
  • Speed Analysis

These various reports can be carried out on single vehicles, multiple vehicles, or, all of your vehicles for the past 32 days and can be exported in PDF, Excel, Word or HTML documents.

Looking to get further insights into your drivers and their driving style or how often they spend idling? It couldn't be easier. RAM's historical reporting gives you incredible reporting equipment to be used any time, and this will then allow you to coach your drivers on how they can improve their driving habits - this will lead to overall more time and money saved. 

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Key Features


Keep track of your valuable assets with our company car tracking system. All the insights you might possibly need in the office or on the go with desktop or mobile capabilities.


Look through route replay and see if the most efficient route is being used day to day. This will help you to save a lot of money on fuel expenses over time.


By simply using our RAM Tracking fleet management software and vehicle trackers you not only save money but greatly improve overall efficiency and productivity.


With 24-hour tracking, you always have full visibility of your mobile workforce. This helps ensure that they are using optimum routes and if idling is starting to become an issue.

What our customers say

"It is a huge commercial benefit to the company. Working proactively like this has been a huge boost to our productivity and has helped us eliminate unnecessary additional mileage"

Total Transportation Ltd

Car Tracking FAQs

Company car tracking can involve monitoring and measuring anything from 10 cars through to enterprise level company car schemes with over 5,000 vehicles. Trying to manage employees and business vehicles of any level can be a difficult task. Every day we speak to customers and prospective customers who want to find out how such a small investment in car tracking can help yield huge financial rewards. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to provide peace of mind and more information about how our vehicle tracking devices work

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