Car Tracking

We have developed our company car tracking system to enable businesses to keep track of their assets, cut down on fuel expenses and see where efficiency improvements can be introduced.

Why use car tracking?

Our automated company car tracking systems provides comprehensive reporting on the parts of your business you’d like to have better visibility over - from your vehicles to your employees. Vehicle tracking costs outlines the small outlay required to have complete visibility of your company cars. 

Why are Ram Tracking the best car tracking company?

Why are Ram Tracking the best car tracking company?

Our advanced car tracking systems makes company car tracking easy, letting you check how efficient your employees are with their routes, as well as how cost effective they are being with fuel.

With other car tracking systems, you may find yourself spending hours, which you just don’t have, sifting through detailed reports to spot trends and identify anomalies, but with the RAM GPS tracking systems for cars we do the hard work for you.

Our car tracking systems are 100% automated; so this means that you let us know what information interests you and we do the hard work for you.

Ultimately, this leads to improved efficiency through decreased admin, and in the long run this saves you money across your business.

Who uses car tracking?

Who uses car tracking?

At RAM Tracking, we have developed our advanced company car tracking system to enable businesses like yours keep track of your assets, cut down on fuel expenses, and see where efficiency improvements can be made.

Our GPS car tracking systems have been developed to save you and your business time and money when it comes to sifting through lengthy and complex resource planning reports, as well as providing you more insight into your drivers’ behaviour.

By using our company car tracking device, you can receive relevant information to help you make improvements across your business. As a market leader, we know just how long it takes on a daily basis to analyse data. Our detailed reports help you to identify the problem areas in a clear and simple manner. 

Whether you’re a fleet manager operating thousands of company cars, or utilise cars as part of a taxi service, RAM Tracking can help install a robust, cost-effective and intelligent car tracking system.

Key Features


Keep track of your valuable assets with our company car tracking systems. Simply log in to our handy app or system to track your fleet.


Fuel expenses can be reduced significantly by using our route planning tool, ensure the most efficient route is used.


Our RAM Tracking fleet management software and vehicle trackers lower cost, greatly improve efficiency and productivity.


With 24-hour tracking you have full visibility on drivers, ensuring they are using the optimum routes and whether idling is becoming an issue.

What our customers say

""It is a huge commercial benefit to the company. Working proactively like this has been a huge boost to our productivity and has helped us eliminate unnecessary additional mileage""

Total Transportation Ltd

Car Tracking FAQs

Company car tracking can involve monitoring and measuring anything from 10 cars through to enterprise level company car schemes with over 5,000 vehicles. Trying to manage employees and business vehicles of any level can be a difficult task. Every day we speak to customers and prospective customers who want to find out how such a small investment in car tracking can help yield huge financial rewards. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to provide peace of mind and more information about how our vehicle tracking devices work