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Man in high visibility vest crouching down and performing a vehicle check in this picture checking tyre tred and pressure.

Vehicle Checks App - Keep Vehicles Compliant

Our fleet tracking app delivers a range of digital fleet management tools. Designed to aid Fleet Managers and business owners in managing the mobile workforce.  RAM Assist includes a vehicle checks app designed for vehicle inspections required by law and is the perfect pocket assistant for drivers to use. With a range of key features and user-friendly functionality which includes storing all vehicle documents safely in one place, it is the perfect addition for any company fleet.

image of a construction worker getting into his vehicle after being onsite.

Vehicle inspection app and so much more

As much as our customers love the peace of mind of getting drivers to perform daily vehicle checks which helps businesses stay compliant and roadworthy the functions go way beyond being just a vehicle checks app.

  • Breakdown and Accident Reporting - Allows drivers to take notes and immediately notify the office of their situation allowing the team to respond quickly saving time and allocating jobs elsewhere.
  • Fuel & Expense Receipt Capture - No more lost receipts. Go paperless and get visibility of expenses quickly.
  • Mileage Logging - Easy way to see reported mileage which can give updates on when to plan servicing.
  • Check Points & Evidence Capture - As standard the system will pinpoint the location and timings of when drivers were present for deliveries or onsite work. This can help to calculate job costs. If you are looking for signatures or images for proof we can also provide this service too. Combining this with our Job Management add-on will generate efficiencies in productivity (on average 17% with customers) with customisable time sheets and quick allocation of jobs. If there is a vehicle breakdown jobs can be reallocated to the nearest available driver instead.

Four black cars in a row. Note in bottom right: M.O.T Due with a cross next to it.

How can the RAM Assist fleet management app help your business?

  • Proof of attendance is submitted via GPS to ensure your drivers are on track with their scheduled runs.

  • Vehicle maintenance checks mean that if a fault is discovered or a part is wearing thin, scheduled maintenance minimises off-road disruption.

  • Immediate notification of any accidents or breakdowns reported means you can react to incidents quickly, inform customers of potential delays and change workloads to other active drivers instead.

  • Clear records of all documents are safely stored in one place with no reams of paperwork!

  • Electronic reminders of MOT, Service, Tax Insurance and lease renewals.

Man with an orange and grey box is checking in for proof of work.

Checkpoints (Evidence Checks)

RAM Assist works using GPS technology within the mobile phone and location services. As a result, the driver can check in to a precise location and fill in any relevant details. This then allows the person responsible for fleet management to have a clear record of jobs completed by the driver or time spent on site and which vehicle they have been using. This helps in being able to calculate labour costs with evidence for customers to reduce the chance of disputes.

Further evidence can be uploaded against the time stamp such as; signatures for proof of goods delivered or work done and images of completed work. This is an optional add-on if required.

image shows the feature of clicking in and out for drivers on a mobile phone.

Clock in and out with ease

At the start of a shift, your drivers can quickly and easily open up the RAM Assist app and tap the "Clock-in" button, and at the end of a shift, the driver can go back in and tap "Clock-out" in the same location. 

This is great to update the fleet manager on the exact time the employees started and stopped working each day, this helps to provide accurate information on wages, if a driver starts a bit earlier or leaves later because the job ran over it's important to understand the time they finished to pay them properly. 

It's a quick process and once drivers get into the habit of it, it gives you incredibly valuable information. 

Man in blue shirt is looking at the live map to track his current mobile workforce.

Driver management 

Accident management is not a problem for your fleet with the RAM Assist app, which includes accident reporting based on accurate location and all details required for accurate accident reporting or breakdown assistance.

Ongoing maintenance records for drivers can all be stored in the RAM Assist web interface. Details such as fuel purchases, mileage logs, expenses and essential vehicle maintenance checks are all included as standard. You can also monitor and evaluate commercial v private mileage usage of the vehicles which is essential in correctly submitting tax details to HMRC.

Man in high visibility vest and a yellow hard hat on site. RAM Tracking app has a notification on screen saying the license plate of the car that has turned on its ignition for the first time today.

Fleet management

All essential documentation can be stored in the RAM Assist portal for Fleet Managers. Vital records for items such as Tax, MOT, Insurance, leasing and fleet servicing are all available within a couple of clicks. Helpful features such as scheduled reminders via email or text alerts can also be set live for specific documents.

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RAM technical and operations support are available to deal with any fleet management queries in the quickest time possible. Our experienced award-winning team can guide you through any functionality or usability questions that you may have about the RAM Assist software.

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