Man filling up his orange van with petrol with a Fuel Saved Bar graph which is gradually growing in the bottom right of the image

Why use van tracking?

Whether you have one van or an entire fleet, RAM Tracking van tracking device ensures that you remain on top of your vehicles. Fuel is a huge expense for vans, so by having a GPS tracker for vans you are able to remain on top of costs and see the areas where you’re losing money to help you become more efficient. Additionally, the van GPS ensures that you have full visibility on the journey of their products wherever they are in the country.

Almost all of our customers reported a 10-20% improvement in productivity for drivers when our van GPS tracking systems were introduced. Our essential guide for driving down private mileage costs is a useful read and helpful for monitoring fuel costs. 

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Trackers for vans - who uses them?

We help many customers, from a variety of industries, utilise our GPS tracker for vans to keep track of thousands of vehicles nationwide. Our company van tracking system are perfect for any business interested in wanting to oversee and manage their entire business fleet.

Construction vehicle moving rubble in a quarry whilst in the top right left of the image there is information about the driver, the vehicle as well as stop time, driving time, idle time, and their total active time

Site based services

From builders, to plumbers, to locksmiths and beyond, we are perfect for any business that employs individual contractors who will be requiring trackers for vans. These businesses charge customers by the hour and have vans to carry the equipment that they will require from job to job, they will really benefit from GPS for vans.

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Vans driving with the sun behind them with their route journey shown on the live map in the top left of the photo

Delivery services

Our trackers for vans are ideal for those in delivery services. By using van tracking systems, you are able to keep track of drivers as they are en route, you can also check for extended stops that drivers may take throughout their journey. Our company van trackers even help you to document your drivers’ efficiency. 

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Why are RAM Tracking the best tracking company? 

Man using a computer to view the Live Map and Live Grid and the reporting feature on RAM Tracking is shown on the bottom left of the photo

Live and historical reporting

RAM Tracking helps you to create easy-to-read automated reports based on the information collected by your fleet van trackers. This means that you don’t waste hours of your valuable time pulling data together relating to all of your vans. Everything is presented in a simple way with options for weekly, monthly and annual timelines. RAM Tracking’s van GPS tracking system allows you to view reports on everything from driver fuel usage to your employee’s weekly routes.

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Mechanic is doing an M.O.T on a car and in the bottom left of the photo there is a note from RAM Assist saying that the M.O.T is due.

Automated email alerts

Using RAM Tracking’s system you can receive customisable email alerts on a range of features. By using GPS for vans, we allow you to find out information about ignition alerts which help you to keep track of your driver’s out-of-hours vehicle usage to reminders when a van’s MOT is due, choose what is the most convenient option for you. This is simply collected after we have installed the tracker to the van and you have set up information about your van.

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Multiple vehicles on several roads with 3 of them circled to show the Satellite coverage. In the top left of the photo there is a cartoon Satellite


All of our customers who have bought a van tracking device and work within a rural or low-signal area are offered a roaming sim card as standard. We strive to ensure that you always have the best signal. 

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A man with a headset on in between two women with headsets on, a speech bubble is coming from him with the Investor in Customers logo

Customer Support

Our dedicated team is always there to help answer any questions on your company van trackers, there are also no call-out charges as well as a lifetime warranty, so whilst using your van tracking device, you always have peace of mind. 

A man sat inside a car is speaking with a woman standing up outside of the car


We upgrade all equipment as standard. Along the lifetime of your van tracking device, as upgrades are brought out, you will receive those upgrades, so there is no need to renew or upgrade to reap the rewards of a van GPS system. 

Two of RAM Tracking's Engineers adding or replacing units


You may wonder about installation when it comes to van tracking. But when it comes to fitting a tracker to a van, we arrange a convenient time to come to your premises to install it – even on Saturdays! We provide you with a van GPS tracking system in as little as half an hour! We strive to keep your vans off the road for as little time as possible so you can get back to what matters.

Key Features


Know where your drivers are with our van tracking devices and allocate jobs. Save hours of admin time with customisable reports with the information collected through van tracking.


Using a van tracking device, you can simply back up your customer invoices and resolve any kinds of billing disputes with ease as you have data on deliveries, time-on-site and pick-ups.


A GPS tracker for vans helps you to avoid unnecessary HMRC fines as you monitor your van usage and ensure that all fuel being claimed is being used correctly when it is for private use.


Accurately calculate or forecast how much a specific job will cost with ease with RAM Tracking's van GPS tracking system. You simply need to use our suite of automated financial reports.

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Van Tracking FAQs

As one of the longest serving vehicle tracking & monitoring companies in the UK, we have the answers to most questions from our customers. To help you better understand who we are and how our GPS van tracking devices work we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on this list, please, call us on 0330 100 3622 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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