Save Time and Money With Our Van Tracking System

Keeping your fleet effective and reducing costs is incredibly important for a business owner, it's important to make a positive impact to your bottom line where possible. The utilization of a van tracking system is incredibly effective in achieving this as you can monitor your fleet of vehicles with ease.

On average, our customers have reported a 15-20% increase in productivity after implementing RAM Tracking GPS tracking systems into their vehicles. We provide you with important ways to monitor your fuel costs effectively to help you reduce them.

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How can van tracking benefit my business?

A van tracking system helps you to understand the current location of your vans at all times. This information can help you:

  • Send the closest van to a job last minute.
  • Know where your team is.
  • Assist you with recovery if the van is stolen.

A van tracker can help you to reduce the money you spend on refueling vehicles. By utilizing information collected by the van tracker you can identify drivers that have poor driving habits, for example, rapid acceleration and harsh braking, reducing the number of instances of poor driver habits can help you to reduce fuel consumption. 

Using our van tracking informatiom will let you cut down on the amount of unproductive time, like seeing how long a driver spends driving as well and how long they spend on a job site. You'll find that your daily productivity will increase alongside increase profits.

White van being tracked to see if the driver is performing well against his targets

  • Van tracking can help you hold your drivers accountable for their actions on the road. With the ability to track driver performance, the van trackers generate a scoring system which makes it easy to evaluate how good or bad a driver is.
    • Some customers have introduced a reward system for drivers that score well and maintain that score whilst those at the bottom of the league table can be trained to drive better or penalised for consistant poor driving.
    • By setting clear expectations and holding your team accountable, you can improve the overall performance of your business with:
      • Fuel savings.
      • The lifespan of the van within the fleet. 
      • Reduced likelihood to be off the road with maintenance.
  • Improve route planning: Van tracking technology can help you plan the most efficient routes for your vehicles, using data on traffic patterns, road conditions, and other factors. By choosing the best routes, you can save time so you can get more done in the day as well as save money on fuel.
  • Improve customer service: With real-time visibility into your fleet, you can provide your customers with accurate arrival times and keep them updated on any delays with our live-sharing system. This can help improve your customer service and keep your clients happy.


Trackers for vans - who uses them?

We help many customers, from a variety of industries, utilise our GPS tracker for vans to keep track of thousands of vehicles nationwide. Our company van tracking system is perfect for any business interested in wanting to oversee and manage their entire business fleet.

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Site based services

Van tracking systems offer tradespeople a valuable tool for:

  • Optimising business operations.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Elevating customer service.

The real-time insights provided by these systems enable tradespeople to make data-informed decisions that result in cost savings, improved resource management, and enhanced service quality. This, in turn, can lead to greater customer loyalty and business success.

Van tracking benefits tradespeople by:

  • Optimising routes. 
  • Reducing fuel costs. 
  • Enhancing productivity.
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Delivery driver completing jobs

Delivery services

As a delivery service that needs to understand where both the van and its assets are to update customers, van trackers are an incredibly valuable piece of hardware. You can see a range of things:

  • Idling and therefore reducing productivity for the day.
  • Not taking a shorter route.
  • Speeding and bad behaviour.
  • Time stamping for customers.

Van trackers allow you to bring all this information in to help understand if action needs to be taken due to wasted resources or low efficiency throughout the day.

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Why are RAM Tracking award-winning?

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Customer Support

Our dedicated team is always ready to answer any of your questions about van trackers. Whilst you're working with us, there is a lifetime warranty on your van tracker, you can feel confident that no matter what, you can get back to tracking your fleet in no time. 

Latest Technology

You will constantly have the latest and greatest equipment from us! We have a development team always working on our system so we guarantee that your web app and mobile app experience is the best it can be, with our customers at the forefront of new reports and technology.


We have a dedicated team of installers who guarantee that your tracker installation is a seamless experience. Just let us know the most convenient time for you, we will come to your premises and install the equipment, we will even come to install on a Saturday! Our installers can ensure that the tracking system is installed in as little as half an hour (depending on the number of units) so you can get back to what matters.


Key Features


Know where your drivers are with our van tracking devices and allocate jobs. Save hours of admin time with customisable reports with the information collected through van tracking.


Using a van tracking device, you can simply back up your customer invoices and resolve any kinds of billing disputes with ease as you have data on deliveries, time-on-site and pick-ups.


A GPS tracker for vans helps you to avoid unnecessary HMRC fines as you monitor your van usage and ensure that all fuel being claimed is being used correctly when it is for private use.


Accurately calculate or forecast how much a specific job will cost with ease with RAM Tracking's van GPS tracking system. You simply need to use our suite of automated financial reports.

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Van Tracking FAQs

As one of the longest serving vehicle tracking & monitoring companies in the UK, we have the answers to most questions from our customers. To help you better understand who we are and how our GPS van tracking devices work we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on this list, please, call us on 0330 100 3622 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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