What is breakdown reporting?

In the event of a driver experiencing a breakdown, it is crucial for them to have a streamlined process for obtaining roadside assistance and notifying their employer. This is where breakdown reporting comes into play, offering a seamless solution where drivers can promptly contact their employer, who can then arrange for roadside assistance to come to their aid. By utilising breakdown reporting, your drivers can conveniently select their current vehicle and provide all the necessary details in a single location, enabling you to have a comprehensive understanding of the incident prior to its occurrence. The primary objective of breakdown reporting is to minimise the effort involved in securing assistance when it's needed the most.

SOS box on a motorway, the RAM Assist app is on an iPhone in the bottom right corner

How is breakdown reporting more efficient?

When a breakdown happens, drivers often face the task of notifying both their roadside assistance provider and their fleet manager, while also ensuring they have their breakdown service information on hand, breakdown reporting aims to simplify this process. Through the integration of RAM Assist, each driver can access their breakdown service information, while the fleet manager can effectively communicate all relevant details to the roadside assistance team. Most importantly, the fleet manager can provide an accurate location of the driver, ensuring swift assistance and the earliest possible arrival time.

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