What is breakdown reporting?

If a driver breaks down, they need an efficient way to get roadside assistance as well as alerting their employer. Breakdown reporting solves this issue as you can immediately get in touch with your employer who can then get roadside assistance to come help you. Breakdown reporting allows you to choose your current vehicle as well as give all of the relevant details all in one place - this allows your fleet manager to know exactly what it is that happened before the incident occurred. Breakdown reporting looks to reduce the effort required to get help to you.

How is breakdown reporting more efficient?

If a breakdown occurs, regularly, a driver will have to alert both roadside assistance as well as their fleet manager - plus you need to need to know your breakdown service information. However, breakdown reporting looks to make that easier. By having it available through RAM Assist, your breakdown service information is available to you and your fleet manager can explain all of the information to roadside assistance. Even more importantly, your fleet manager will be able to give a precise location of where you are to provide help ensuring that they will arrive as soon as possible.

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