Ensure the safety of your cargo

By using trailer tracking solutions, you gain the benefits of additional security across the entirety of your fleet of trailers, this keeps your trailers themselves safe as well as giving you information of the exact location of your cargo giving you specific information about where the cargo is at all times. 

Our trailer trackers give you peace of mind as your cargo is safe and secure, not only this, but you can also update your customers who are waiting for the cargo to arrive on the specific location that the driver is at. This reduces worry on the customer's side as there is no confusion, as well as they know that the cargo is still on the way.

Silver car with a trailer travelling on the road with trees to the right

Additional Trailer Security

Your valuable assets are within the trailer - that's why you need to ensure that you have complete visibility of where your trailers are at all times.

By using trailer trackers, you can see the current location of the trailer on the RAM Tracking live map. Providing you with peace of mind the entire journey. The FMB100 can be installed within the trailer taking power from the side light connection and an earthing point within the trailer.

We selected a housing that looks like it has earth connections within to discourage tampering. This trailer track system is a game changer for companies that have a fleet of trailers on the road.

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Silver car pulling a trailer behind it - the trailer has a yellow line down the right handside

Maximise your productivity

Ensuring that your drivers are arriving on time to ensure that you keep your customers happy is incredibly important - cargo arriving on time will encourage customers to come back to you for repeated deliveries as you are reliable.

So, by using trailer trackers, you can see if your drivers are on time for their current job, and work out ways to ensure that the rest of the delivery goes smoothly, are they running behind due to traffic, this is information that you can find out through having a trailer tracking device within the trailer.

You can even make sure that if a vehicle breaks down, another driver who is close by can ensure that the cargo is delivered on time, this is information you can collect within the RAM Tracking web app. Doing this and ensuring that your customers will receive their cargo with the least amount of delays help strengthen the relationships with your customers.

Trailer monitoring has an incredible amount of uses, all of which encourages your customers to use you for deliveries.

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Man in a dark blue hoodie breaking into a grey car

Reduce the risk of theft

The use of trailer trackers allows you to understand where your vehicle, trailer and therefore your important cargo, is at all times. You will also be able to see if someone is driving one of your vehicles outside of work hours. As these types of vehicles are used for business use and are returned to a yard at the end of the day, you know if a vehicle has been stolen. 

If one of your vehicles that is carrying your cargo does get stolen, you can quickly act as you know the exact location of where your trailer is. This then allows you to get the authorities involved as well as being able to provide them with a specific location as well as updates on the direction they are travelling which will help you get your cargo back as soon as possible.

Your valuable assets are always tracked thanks to trailer trackers. 

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Route Replay on the RAM Tracking live map showing the driver as well as the direction they are travelling, that they are driving and that they are driving at 5 miles per hour

Efficient route planning

Trailer tracking solutions provide you with a simple way to optimise your driver's routes. If a driver follows the same, or even just a similar route every day, you may be able to notice small ways in which they can cover the same route in a more efficient way.

Having a trailer GPS system allows you to use the RAM Tracking web app to your advantage. For example, to optimise your driver's routes, you can use the reporting feature and use route replay. This shows you the exact route that was taken on a specific day as well as if they were speeding relevant to that road's speed limit. All of this information becomes very effective when you are trying to save money by reducing the amount of fuel used everyday.

You can take this information to your drivers and coach them by showing them a more optimised route which allows them to cover their route or reach their destination whilst using less fuel. As time goes on, you will notice the savings more.

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RAM Tracking web app with a red polygon geofence surrounding a pre-set area

Geofence for additional control

By setting up polygon geofences you will get notifications when your trailers leave or enter an area. This gives an additional range of benefits to your trailer trackers. Firstly, it allows you to understand when your driver's days are beginning and ending as you can set the geofence to be around the location the trailers are based, when they leave the geofence, you will get a notification, this works conversely as when they drop the vehicle back at the bay, you will be notified on this also.

This allows you to know which drivers need coaching on their start and end times so you get the most out of their day.

Additionally, you gain quick insights if the vehicle and trailer is stolen. If you are notified immediately as the trailer track system will leave the parking bay outside of work hours. This allows you to take swift action alerting the authorities to the stolen trailer or the stolen trailer tracker. Allowing the vehicle, trailer and cargo to all be recovered quickly ready for the next day.

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