Construction job management comes with its challenges

The building and construction industry has to deal with several parties and their views, from suppliers and labourers to property owners, contractors, etc. Additionally, when multiple sites are running, company managers have to keep track of various jobs as well as the workforce to keep the jobs running like clockwork. Besides this, they have to train inexperienced workers, ensure workforce safety, and tackle external issues like weather fluctuations and government regulations. 

Many construction companies still depend on paper time cards, manual data entry, and spreadsheets to keep track of jobs and work hours. But as the business scales and you take on bigger projects, these manual methods will become inefficient and ineffectual. What you need is a single scalable solution to reduce your headaches

Group of construction workers looking at building plans to start on the job scheduled in their planner

Make building projects more streamlined and productive

Job Assist helps builders deliver projects on time and within the agreed budget by making it hassle-free to schedule, track, and manage jobs inside and out. 

Schedule and manage jobs

Our easy-to-use job management platform lets you schedule jobs within a few clicks

  • Create job schedules and assign them to field workers and contractors.

  • Use digital job cards with existing or new customers.

  • Save valuable admin time in checking logged jobs in seconds. 

  • Send and receive job notifications in real-time. 

Everything in one place

No need to maintain diverse and multiple systems; Job Assist provides everything related to jobs in one place

  • Use our central system to store job notes, invoices, documents, photos, etc. 

  • Locate items related to specific jobs quickly.

  • Let other members of your team access items from anywhere.

  • Manage multiple job sites and workforces remotely with a single dashboard.

Upward shot of three buildings together with the sun in between the two on the right

Track job progress and workers

Never miss a thing as you can track job progress and everything related to jobs using our centralised dashboard

  • Track the work progress of each job in real-time and instantly make required changes.

  • Field workers receive notifications on their mobile app in real-time.

  • Track work hours of construction workers and job costs quickly and easily.

  • Make changes to jobs if there is an issue ensuring that jobs are completed on time.

  • Save time in communication, get jobs done, and get paid faster. 

Create invoices easily and quickly

Get rid of paper-based invoices and the trouble of keeping them safe at all times. Our platform can help you create and send invoices with a couple of clicks.

  • Create invoices and purchase orders anytime with accurate job details.

  • Add your branding and communication details on all invoices.

  • Control stock and labour costs and track payment information.

  • Get quick approvals on invoices on the field and increase cash flow.

  • Estimate job orders with historical data available in our system.

Cityscape of Leeds showing the scale that construction requires to reach

Build, scale, and deliver projects on time with ease

Intuitive platform

Job Assist platform and mobile app are easy to use with intuitive features making job management at multiple sites hassle-free.

Leading tracking solution provider

RAM Tracking is a leading tracking solution provider in the UK, serving 35,000+ businesses across the globe.

Simple to use

It is so easy to use that you can seamlessly use it alongside current RAM Tracking products for more informatoin on saving money specifically for the construction industry, visit our blog article construction tracking

Foreman talking to a colleague on the walkie-talkie about the latest job in their work flow.

Never miss a thing

View essential information easily and keep things in control with notifications and alerts. 

Easy accessibility

Our solution is accessible from any device, and the field worker mobile app works on iOS and Android.

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