A vehicle check to suit you

Vehicle checks are fully customisable meaning you are able to ensure they are deemed road-worthy by the standards of the car manufacturer. 

By law, you must ensure that your vehicles are well maintained, in an efficient state of working order and in good repair. But how this is defined can change between not just manufacturers, but also between the type of vehicle. 

You can ensure every vehicle is up to the correct standard by having all of your employees carry out a customised vehicle check where they go through various different aspects of their vehicle, to ensure that it is safe to drive that day. 

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The basics of daily vehicle checks

There are various aspects of the vehicle that you must check which change between vehicle manufacturer and type, however, there are some which should be universally checked.

  • Condition of the vehicle bodywork, windscreen, windows, and lights

  • Condition of tyres, pressure, and wear

  • Brake and clutch fluid levels

  • Function of seatbelts

  • Usability of horn

  • Warning lights are working

These things should be universally checked daily between any vehicle as they are important for driver safety.


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