Cleaning Service Business Software

Operating a cleaning business is quite demanding as it involves meeting cleaning and health standards, managing a remote team of cleaners, and ensuring efficient services. Moreover, a major shift in consumer perspectives towards cleaning has put cleaning service providers under pressure to remain effective without increasing service turnaround times. Also, companies are working at low rates as the cleaning industry is becoming more saturated. 

Cleaning service providers need to evaluate their operational expenses and look for ways to keep costs low without compromising the quality of service. They can deploy advanced digitised systems to automate processes, boost visibility, gain control over service operations, and stand out from the rest

Man in white T-Shirt and green overalls is vaccuming a rug in a house

Ensure consistent services with our cleaning service business software

Job Assist cleaning job management software helps cleaning businesses schedule, organise and manage commercial and residential jobs through one dashboard, improving operations and profitability.

Job scheduling

Our all-inclusive job scheduling and dispatching software allows you to quickly assign jobs, providing data around jobs from start to end. 

  • Easily schedule and assign jobs with our easy-to-use job scheduling tool.

  • Dispatch scheduling software enables the dispatch of the nearest worker to the field using the location tracking feature.

  • Plan routine preventive maintenance schedules and assign jobs to field workers with a simple drag-and-drop.

Measure job performance

Job Assist cleaning service business software enables service providers to measure the progress of jobs and the performance of field workers.

  • Track the status of each job in real-time and make changes anywhere, anytime.

  • Measure the performance of on-field workers until job completion.

  • Accommodate on-demand services and notify field workers in real-time.

Young male cleaner is on the cleaning service business software whilst his female colleague cleans the office desk

Reliable cleaning management mobile app

Seamlessly connect with the on-field team with our cleaning job management software mobile app and communicate job details on-the-fly.

  • Field workers get notified about job details in real-time. 

  • Share electronic job sheets with workers, which allows them to understand their tasks for the day.

  • Store customer details, invoices, job history, and upcoming jobs in the central database, making it easy for field workers to access through the app.

Offer flexibility to customers

Loop in customers during each phase of the job progress and give them all details at their fingertips.

  • You can update customers in real-time and you will have proof of work through a signature and a photo of the job completed.

  • On-field workers can quickly let the head office know that the job has been completed - customers will know when a job has been started and completed.

  • Notify them about preventive cleaning schedules and assign jobs accordingly.

Stick to budgets

Along with job management, you can track job costs, this allows you to give information to customers immediately, encouraging quick payments.

  • Our single and intuitive dashboard helps you check and validate job costs, margins, and time spent on the job. 

  • Analyse job history and costs and control unnecessary expenses. 

  • Reduce admin burden and get payments faster.

Cleaner harnessed up on the side of a building cleaning the windows

Complete more jobs with our cleaning service business software

Easy accessibility

Our cleaning job management software is accessible from any device, and the field worker mobile app works on iOS and Android. 

Leading tracking solution provider

RAM Tracking is a leading tracking solution provider in the UK, serving 35,000+ businesses across the globe.

Seamless integration

You can use Job Assist alongside your existing RAM Tracking solution

Four cleaners in overalls and a white shirt cleaning up an office and it's equipment

Increased customer retention

Automated reminders and allowing customers to view job status helps retain customers and increase repeat business. 

Save costs

Smart scheduling, tracking, and monitoring save travel and admin costs, boosting the bottom line

Customised Job Sheets

Create a job sheet specific to each job allowing you to give your mobile workforce the information they need before a job and they can supply you with the information needed after a job has been completed.

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