The Need for Van Dash Cams

Dash cameras for vans have become indispensable tools for driver protection and overall security. Discover the reasons why having a dash cam for your van is essential, exploring the features that make dash cams a wise investment.

Image of van driver with van dash cam.

Van Dash Cams for Driver Protection:

Van dash cams play a crucial role in safeguarding drivers on the road. In the unfortunate event of an incident, these devices provide:

  • A detailed record of the incident.
  • Help to determine fault.
  • Protect the driver from false claims.

Van dash cams are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of van drivers, offering an extra layer of security during their journeys.

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Image of delivery driver with his van dash cam.

Insurance Premium Reduction:

Installing a dash cam for your van can lead to potential reductions in insurance premiums.

  • Insurance companies often value the additional evidence provided by dash cam footage.
  • It's easier to establish the facts in the event of a claim.
  • This could result in lower premiums for van owners, ultimately saving them money in the long run.

RAM tracking customers get to take advantage of lower cost premiums too with fleet insurance discounts.

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Crashed van being towed.

Preventing Fraudulent Claims:

Van drivers are susceptible to fraudulent claims, particularly in urban areas with high traffic volumes. A dash cam serves as an unbiased witness, recording the surroundings and events in real-time. This can be instrumental in:

  • Refuting false accusations.
  • Ensure that the driver's interests are protected.
  • Keep your future premiums low against claims that are not the driver's fault.

The statistics for 2023 show 3% of vehicles* on the road could be affected by this growing trend of crash-for-cash.

* According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Image of delivery driver with his van dash cam.

Features of Front and Rear Dash Cams

Comprehensive Coverage:

Front and rear dash cams provide a complete view of your van's surroundings, offering protection not only from the front but also from behind. This dual coverage ensures that every detail is captured, enhancing security on all fronts.

Camera angles typically coverage 130°-150° so getting visibilty front and rear offers a pretty comprehensive range.

Image of a company car driver keeping safe with a dash cam.

High-Quality Video Recording:

With advanced video recording capabilities, our dash cams capture crisp and clear footage, even in low-light conditions. The high resolution ensures that every detail is recorded, making it easier to analyse events and incidents.

Easy Installation and Integration:

Front and rear dash cams are installed by our expert team and seamless integration with the van's existing systems. This ensures that the devices are up and running quickly, without causing any disruptions to the vehicle's operations.

Different Options Available:

The most affordable are SD dash cams which store footage on a card which can then be taken out and downloaded onto a PC, rather like a digital camera does.

The fastest way to see footage is to have connected cams installed allowing you access to see footage taken from the hard drive in the cameras via the cloud. These connections requires a lot more out of the system which is why they have a higher subscription.

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Driver Protection

Exonerate drivers in incidents where they are not at fault.

Added Security

Visible deterrent for would be thieves. Covers hit-and-run incidents.

Safer driving

33% improvement in driver behaviour when a dash cam is present


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