GPS Tracking Devices for Fleets

With the growing demand for commercial electric vehicles, they are becoming an increasingly popular option as part of the fleet. EV Fleet management involves a lot of the same features as conventional vehicle tracking but requires specialist equipment to monitor successfully. Learn more about how RAM Tracking can help you track your sustainable fleet.

3 cars and 2 HGVs on the road - 1 car is circled in orange to show that it has electric vehicle tracking in place

Electric vehicle tracking made easy

Electric vehicle fleet tracking can seem hard on the surface, but RAM Tracking can help you to keep a close eye on your electric vehicles. With businesses looking towards using ev fleet solutions within their company we have worked to create a powerful way so you can see them on a live map, just as if you had regular vehicles as part of the fleet, regardless of if you are on the web app or on the mobile app, allowing you to track your fleet from anywhere. 

Electric fleet vehicles come at a higher cost than their fuel counterparts, so, having the comfort and reassurance that they can be tracked at any time brings peace of mind and potentially lower insurance premiums. It is important that you look into electric vehicle tracking so you get the right one for you - you need to be receiving all of the correct data that is most important to you and your company.

RAM Tracking helps you make electric car fleet management much easier.

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Route replay on the RAM Tracking live map which shows there is no speeding. In  the bottom left it shows the driving, stop, idle and total time of this driver.

Reduce idle time

A benefit of using electric vehicle tracking is that you can use the RAM Tracking timeline you can see when a driver has been driving, ignition off or idle. Being idle is when the ignition is on but the vehicle is not moving. This could of course be due to heavy traffic but it could also be due to something like an extended break.

Being aware of idle time is incredibly important for electric fleet management because it takes a lot longer to recharge an electric vehicle than it does to refuel a regular car, so understanding why there are additional trips being taken to recharge the electric vehicle is important as it takes a lot of productivity out of your day.

EV fleet management helps to reduce idle time as you can ensure that you are not wasting your electric vehicle's charge and you can reduce overall charging costs. Electric vehicle tracking will help you to save money over a longer period of time.

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RAM Tracking live map showing Route Replay with information about the driver in the top left corner - driving at 5MPH going North West

Efficient routing

With electric vehicle fleet tracking, it is incredibly easy to analyse your driver's routes to see where any efficiencies can be made. Typically, our customers save £71 per vehicle, per week, through the use of data from the systems reports. Electric fleet management makes it easy to save this impressive amount every week, which brings an overall saving to you!

By using electric vehicle tracking, you can highlight individual drivers and show each driver how they can improve and optimise their routes by avoiding unnecessary detours. Electric vehicle fleet tracking helps you to make decisions based on real-time positioning to allocate work and increase overall productivity from your mobile employees.

By using electric vehicles within your fleets you can easily go through general congestion zones within the capital without charge.

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RAM Tracking live map with 3 driver's information in the bottom left corner

Accurate ETAs for customers

When your drivers get caught in heavy traffic, or they finish a job earlier or later than they originally expected that they would it is important to give the customer a good heads up of what is happening, or else your driver will end up turning up at a completely different time than the customer was expecting you to.

When your company effectively uses an electric vehicle fleet management system you can simply open up the RAM Tracking app, check their location on the live map and you can give the customer an accurate ETA of how much longer they will be waiting.

Additionally, if a driver, unfortunately, gets stuck in heavy traffic and they won't be able to make the pre-determined time slot that was set, by using electric vehicle tracking, you can go into the RAM Tracking app and you can simply find out if there is another driver that is closer to the customer and you can find out if they would be able to complete the job for them. This keeps jobs running and customers keep a high level of confidence in you.

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Bearded man in glasses driving in his car, in the bottom left corner it shows his 'Driver Score' as well as why he is a Low, Medium and High risk as a driver.

Avoid unnecessary vehicle maintenance

EV fleet solutions allow you to ensure your drivers are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking, it's important to make sure that when your drivers are out and they are representing the company they are driving appropriately. Additionally, you can use electric vehicle tracking to ensure that when your drivers are out they are not rapidly speeding or harshly braking. We don't want the drivers to be doing this as it causes company vehicles to require maintenance more frequently due to faster wear and tear.

Effective electric fleet management ensures that all of your company vehicles are looked after and are in proper working order for the longest period of time.

Electric vehicle fleet tracking is a fantastic method of making sure your drivers are adhering to the speed limits of the roads that they are on as well as ensuring that, because they know their speed can be looked at, they are likely to adhere to the rules of the road because their manager can see their driving habits at any time.

Keeping running cost down through incorporating charging time and looking after the ev equipment is important too

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