Transport & Logistics

Managing a fleet of vehicles across the UK in the logistics sector can be a time consuming and expensive task. Without vehicle trackers, operators are reliant on archaic processes such as ringing drivers which wastes valuable time and puts driver safety at risk. Ensuring that your company knows the whereabouts of all your vehicles using logistics tracking is paramount.

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to service sector companies

Taking advantage of vehicle tracking devices to track logistics can quickly improve business productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it can help identify existing problems that were previously concealed from the business e.g. engine idling. Business benefits include;

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Increased productivity from drivers
  • More optimum route planning
  • Timesheet verification
  • Improved driver safety

JML saw a 15% reduction in fuel costs

JML saw a 15% reduction in fuel costs

JML are a household name for providing high street home ware brands. With a fleet of 128 vehicles back in March 2009, JML needed a trusted and flexible vehicle tracking solution to help them keep on top of their operations. After a spate of vehicle thefts, JML’s fleet manager Judith Fahey, explored the market for a solution to combat the problem.

Judith was drawn to RAM Tracking’s simple and cost effective vehicle tracking solution instantly. Installation would be quick and easy across their entire fleet and the software was accessible to use. JML also took advantage of the automated speeding reports to identify drivers who regularly exceeded the speed limit that could result in both driver and vehicle harm. JML also helped reduce fuel costs by using RAM Tracking to identify that a number of drivers regularly “idled” their engine, wasting expensive fuel.

“We turned our attention to fuel consumption and monitoring private usage. As a result we saw an instant 15% drop in fuel expenditure and across our large fleet that really does add up!”

To learn more about how RAM Tracking helped JML save 15% in fuel costs and improve their fleet management, take a read of our vehicle tracking case study.

Key Features

Multiple Drivers

The RAM GPS tracking system allows companies to monitor and manage the location of thousands of drivers in real time through our system user interface.

private mileage

RAM Tracking allows companies to quickly spot any unauthorised usage of vehicles and an easy fob system can be used when allowing for some private use.


Our vehicle tracking devices work on cars, vans and trucks to ensure that every movement is accurately recorded and to prove/disprove any disputes.