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Managing a collection of vehicles throughout the UK can be demanding and costly. In the absence of vehicle tracking systems, operators depend on time-consuming procedures like calling drivers, wasting precious time and compromising driver safety. Guaranteeing that your company remains well-informed about the locations of all your vehicles through logistics tracking stands as a matter of utmost importance.

A truck with an attached trailer is driving out of the dock in the top right of the image there is a graph showing that fuel use is reducing

Vehicle tracking in the service sector

Utilising vehicle tracking devices to monitor logistics presents a great opportunity for enhancing a business' productivity and efficiency. It also unveils issues, such as engine idling, which were previously hidden from the business operations. The advantages for the business involves:

  • Lower fuel expenses.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.
  • Enhanced driver productivity.
  • Optimal route planning.
  • Verification of timesheets.
  • Elevated driver safety.

JML Vehicle are parked next to each other - in the bottom right of the image there is a visual saying "15% reduction" referring to their fuel costs

JML saw a 15% reduction in fuel costs

JML has established itself as a well-known provider of popular homeware brands on the high street. By March 2009, their fleet comprised 128 vehicles. In the wake of a series of vehicle thefts, Judith Fahey, JML's fleet manager, embarked on a quest for a resolution to address this challenge.

Judith was immediately drawn to RAM Tracking's easy to understand and cost-efficient vehicle tracking offering. The installation process promised to be swift and straightforward across their entire fleet, with user-friendly software. JML also capitalised on the automated speeding reports, which helped pinpoint drivers consistently surpassing speed limits – a behaviour that could endanger both drivers and vehicles. Furthermore, JML employed RAM Tracking to curb fuel costs, as the solution revealed that several drivers frequently engaged in engine idling, needlessly squandering costly fuel.

“We turned our attention to fuel consumption and monitoring private usage. As a result, we saw an instant 15% drop in fuel expenditure and across our large fleet that really does add up!”

To delve deeper into how RAM Tracking facilitated JML's 15% reduction in fuel expenses and the enhancement of their fleet management, learn more.


Key Features

Multiple Drivers

The RAM GPS tracking system allows companies to monitor and manage the location of thousands of drivers in real time through our system user interface.

Private Mileage

RAM Tracking allows companies to quickly spot any unauthorised usage of vehicles and an easy fob system can be used when allowing for some private use.


Our vehicle tracking devices work on cars, vans and trucks to ensure that every movement is accurately recorded and to prove/disprove any disputes.


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