Best Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

We know having a workforce out in the field is a constant worry for business owners or fleet managers.

We offer a nmber of solutions to relieve these stresses by providing our service of vehicle tracking and dash cams for vehicles across all your fleet.

The cost of this in place is far outweighed by the savings and protection it provides so when it comes to peace of mind and cost cutting its a quick win.

Dash cam with tracker benefits

Know where your vehicles are

Live map locators 24/7 to know where any vehicle is in the fleet.

Make cost savings to your business

With route optimisation and fuel saving reporting features.

Protect and exonerate drivers

in case of collisions and incidents, lower insurance costs too.

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Evaluation reports and interior camera options to improve skills.

picture of a dash cam fitted to a windscreen of a van also being tracked with a tracker.

Dash cam fleet tracking

Quite simply, having the visibility a dash cam and vehicle tracker can give a business is an essential range of equipment to cut significant cosys to your business whilst also protecting drivers from potential collisions and incidents that can occur whilst driving.

From a dash cam perspective:

  • Get a view of the road in case of a collision with another vehicle for insurance proof.
  • See if a driver is driving erratically and see if the performance was down to the conditions.
  • Lower insurance costs with companies accepting dash cam footage as evidence.
  • Cameras can also be set up to face inwards to see if drivers are behaving correctly.
  • Set up the cameras to record any collisions whilst parked to claim on insurance too (easy self configuration required)

All of these points means that you can protect your drivers if innocent and also make sure they are driving correctly. This can have an impact on the chance of an incidient occuring in the first place as well as keeping your vehicles on the road to keep your business moving forward.

picture of a row of vans being tracked going over a bridge

Award-winning vehicle tracking

Having our vehicle tracking in place will mean:

  • You can see exacxtly where vehicles are to check if:
    • Drivers are where thewy are supposed to be.
    • You know how close they are if customers are asking.
    • You can assign jobs to workers that are close by, speeding up productivity.
  • In the event of a vehicle being stolen, the recovery is significantly increased as the vehicle is tracked.
  • Run reports if vehicles are being used outside of work hours.
  • Work out job costs with time stamping and a work cost calculator.
  • See how close drivers are if a new job comes in to assign to the nearest available worker.

These are just a handful of reports the system is capable of running to save you money on running costs, increase productivity and reduce admin time.


image of a waste management vehicle being tracked with a vehicle tracker and has had dash cams installed too.

Combining a dash cam with live GPS tracking

When you put these two powerful solutions together, you get the best of both worlds.

To evaluate information on driver behaviour, when you have a dash cam in place, you can find out if a harsh brake was an emergency stop due to someone else driving erratically, or if it was in fact your employee braking harshly. Having video evidence of every second of a driver's journey allowing you to make informed choices, a driver doesn't need additional coaching on their behaviour if they were appropriately responding to the road and the drivers around them.

Having just GPS tracking from a stolen vehicle incident doesn't actuially stop the thief from taking the vehicle but it certainly will aid recovery through tracking. However, if a thief is trying to break into a vehicle and  they see a dash cam they are more likely to give up and not attempt to steal the vehicle.

There is more accountability across your fleet - when you combine a dash cam with a tracker you get a more complete picture of how your fleet vehicles are being used, this allows you to take everything in and you can hold your drivers accountable for any unsafe or unauthorised behaviour. Taking all of the information in ensures you a make informed decision with evidence.

Finally, when you utilise a dash cam with RAM Tracking, if any of your vehicles get into a crash, not only will you have video evidence to be able to see if your driver was at fault (and provide this as evidence to exonerate them) but the RAM Assist app for drivers allows a driver to report an accident, this means the fleet manager will know the exact location of the driver allowing them to send an ambulance if required. Additionally, a driver can type notes or record a voice note of their version of events and can get any bystanders to record a voice note of their version of events.

So get in touch and find out how much you can benefit from having dash cams and \gps tracking in your vehicles today.



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