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Our partner programme has been designed specifically with your business in mind.

  • Create value added proposition for your customers
  • New recurring revenue from your customers
  • 24/7 visibility on our customer marketplace
  • Work with a trusted fleet management provider

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Estimated earnings:

1 Year: £2,675   2 Years: £7,615   3 Years: £12,554

Total £22,843.80

* Assuming 36-month term. Note the partnership rebate model is variable based on volume of converted leads.

A beneficial partnership with award-winning fleet management software

Are you interested in creating a a fantastic way to utilise your customer base to create growth, engagement and stronger financial performanaces?

A partnership with RAM Tracking allows you to work with an award-winning team with a strong array of solutions which have shown fantastic performance across numerous industries.

We offer our partners the ability to grow whilst adding a new revenue stream, through added value to their customers. 

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Why become a partner with RAM Tracking

Why should you become a partner with us? 

  • We have award-winning products which are supported by a fantastic team who can help add an additional revenue stream to your company
  • Our wide range of products suit many different industries which helps create a new platform for growth
  • Our marketplace is seen by our customers, an offer on there will be seen by our large customer base, giving you 24/7 visibility

130,000+ trackers installed in the UK, 12,000+ Cameras installed, 8.000+ Active RAM Live users, 3.000+ DVLA Driver Checks, 31% Customers with more than 1 RAM product, 500,000+ Average monthly logins.

Building Relationships

We have already built strong partnerships with some of the UK's largest businesses, these businesses are from a wide variety of industries, which works perfectly as vehicle tracking works in any industry with a fleet.

Your business can join them - RAM Tracking have over 130,000 trackers installed across the UK alone, and by becoming a partner you can add an additional revenue source for your business whilst offering a new option for your customers, which will lead to additional growth for your business.

Our average tenure of customers is 7.1 years. We had a 14% growth in subscription in the last 12 months and we have had £100,000 generated revenue for E-commerce partner FFX Tools.

A Trusted Fleet Management Provider

You can be a partner of a trusted fleet management provider.

We have very well-known businesses who have already partnered with us, for example, bp, Machine Mart and Micheldever.

In the last 12 months, we have had a 14% growth in subscriptions, your customers will see the benefit of RAM Tracking products and you will see this represented in the profit you can make, all from an additional revenue stream. 

On average, our customers stay with us for 7.1 years - this allows you to offer more reasons for your customers to remain with you, allowing your business to grow.

We are a well-trusted fleet management provider, we are partnered with FFX Tools, who, as our partner, have had £100,000 generated revenue through our partner programme. 

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An array of products to suit your customers' needs

From standard vehicle tracking, to a software for your drivers to use on the road, connected dash cams, plus additionalssuch as DVLA Driver's Licence Checks and a Driver ID Key Fob System, we supply everything that your customer would need 

Image displaying the RAM Tracking customer marketplace

24/7 Visibility on our Customer Marketplace

On our Customer Marketplace, we have partnered with some of the largest businesses to ensure that the deals go directly to our customers. We want to take the difficulty out of finding the best deals, and created a powerful marketplace.

By partnering with us, you will always be in front of people who are looking to buy, get 24/7 visibility and you'll have another revenue stream as you have put yourself right in front of your target demographic. 

RAM Tracking works with a large base of customers in the UK, 60% of our customer base come from site-based jobs (plumbers, builders, electricians, etc.) whilst 30% come from the transport and delivery sector. The remaining 10% come from a wide variety of different industries. Our customers have a range of fleet sizes from a couple of vehicles to hundreds, the average fleet size across our customer base is 7 vehicles. You can reach a business of any size, meaning there is no limit to the growth you can reach. 

By partnering with RAM Tracking, you can very easily reach the target demographic of your business. Join our other partners and gain that additional visibility to aid your growth.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

If you're interested in becoming a partner, simply calculate your returns at the top of this page and register your interest and we'll get in contact with you as soon as we can. 

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