GPS for Fleet Tracking

Here at RAM Tracking, we’re committed to helping fleet managers monitor their drivers’ performance with ease. Our GPS vehicle and fleet management software solutions are available for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs with company cars to large enterprises with ever-growing fleets.

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Market-leading Fleet Tracking Solutions

RAM Tracking is one of the market leaders in GPS fleet tracking. The system is easy to use for both drivers and fleet managers. It helps them to get to their destinations whilst cutting waste and boosting efficiency. Our fleet management solutions also help you to minimise admin time, by automating communication and reporting.

By working each asset closer to its potential you can:

  • Respond to customers faster.
  • Cut fuel bills.
  • Potentially reduce fleet size.

Small improvements can add up to big gains on your bottom line. Our customers tell us they improved fleet productivity by at least 10-20% following the implementation of our fleet trackers.

Thanks to the RAM Tracking GPS fleet tracking systems and our vehicle trackers, driver efficiency can be greatly improved. With 24-hour tracking using fleet telematics you have full visibility on whether your drivers are taking the optimum routes, or whether they’re idling a little more than they should be. 


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A fleet of cars in a row being tracked by fleet tracking software

Tracking a fleet of vehicles is important for businesses for several reasons. One of the main benefits is increased efficiency. With real-time tracking, companies can:

  • Monitor their vehicles' locations.
  • Check on speeds, and routes, allowing them to optimise drivers performance.
  • Reduce fuel consumption. This can lead to significant cost savings for the business.
  • Improved customer service. With accurate information on a vehicle's location and estimated arrival time, businesses can provide their customers with more accurate and reliable delivery or service times. 

In addition, tracking a fleet of vehicles can also improve safety. With real-time monitoring, businesses can identify and address any potential safety issues, such as excessive speeding or harsh braking. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and improve the overall safety of their drivers and vehicles.

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A RAM Tracking Driving Behaviour Report

Improve driving behaviour

If your fleet has begun with frequent wear and tear and has therefore had to start going to the garage for vehicle maintenance more frequently, you may find that it is due to your drivers' driving behaviour. 

  • We let you perform a group report to see driver behaviour which allows you to see how many instances of speeding, idling, harsh braking and rapid acceleration each driver had over the period of time you set out.
  • You will also be able to see the distance travelled in miles and kilometres as well as the driving and idling time which then gives you the total amount of hours driven

Each driver receives a score and you can see which drivers did particularly poorly over the time period and see if it matches up with the vehicles that are frequently requiring maintenance. You can then use this to coach those drivers to improve their driving habits, and you can see if their score is improving on a weekly basis, ensuring that they are in fact making an effort to actually change their driving behaviour! 

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RAM Tracking idle report

Analyse your fleet's performance over time

RAM Tracking's historical reporting feature allows you to take the most important insights that your business wants to know and you can get digital copies, and over time, you will see how the fleet tracking system is helping improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet as you implement changes for the betterment of the company!

For example, if you were to want to reduce the amount of wasted fuel, in your first week you may perform a group idle report on your entire fleet.

  • This allows you to then see both the frequency of stops as well as the length of time that each driver is stopped for.
  • You can use this information to coach individual drivers on why they were stopped for that long with the engine still on, and work on reducing their idle time.
  • Week by week, if you carry out a group idle report, you will notice that the number of stops as well the length of time people are stopped will reduce. 

This can be done for a variety of different reports, it all depends in what you want to look into, but over time, you will notice that your fleet is improving in efficiency and productivity and your fleet manager will be able to to see the cost-saving benefits at a glance.

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GPS Tracker for Fleet Vehicles: Key Features


With 24-hour tracking fleet telematics you have full visibility on drivers, ensuring optimum routes are used.


RAM Tracking will help you reduce fuel costs, skip unnecessary journeys and even decrease the private use of your fleet vehicles.


Our intelligent fleet management system is easy to use, fully customisable and provides you with flexible reporting.


We are regularly scored highly for exceptional customer service and voted as one of the best tracking companies in the UK.

"We like the fact that the RAM system is simple and easy to use"

It just ticked every box for us - Ian Crawford | Gough and Kelly 


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Fleet Tracking FAQs

Managing a fleet of company vehicles can be an arduous and time consuming task for any fleet manager. We involved our customers when creating our fleet management products to ensure every feature we added would be a requirement and a solution for the customer.

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