About Us

Find out more about our global remote asset management and vehicle tracking business. Established in 2004 by industry experts, RAM Tracking is built on the principles of customer support and technical innovation.

Two of RAM Tracking's Leadership team stood outside of the UK office at Nelson House

About Us

RAM Tracking was established in 2004 by industry experts, it was built on the principles of customer support and technical innovation. With over 105,000 GPS vehicle tracking units on the road for over 12,500 customers, we’re one of the market leaders in the industry.

Constant Innovation

Due to our technical development team being in-house, we are able to not only give our customers cutting edge vehicle tracking systems, dash cameras and fleet management software; but also keep these up-to-date and provide regular system upgrades. 
Unlike some systems out there, we store your data securely on our services for a minimum of three years, providing online access via any devices, anytime and anywhere.

RAM Tracking logo on the wall inside our UK Based Office

User Focused

Technical innovation is great if you’re technologically savvy, but we also believe technology should be easy to use and doesn’t require specialist training to complete simple day-to-day tasks. RAM Tracking is renowned for our simple and straight forward user interface. Our vehicle tracking software translates raw data into easy to understand reports for fleet managers and business owners to make informed business decisions daily to improve efficiency and productivity.

Stable business partner

As a business, we’re still privately owned and ran. Due to our stable financing position, you can be confident relying on RAM Tracking’s product range to support your business performance.
The strong financial position also means that we can start working with customers without demanding initial set up costs. We can afford to make the initial investment in our customers’ vehicle trackers and recover our cost from our trusted and longstanding relationships. In fact, most RAM Tracking users report a 10-20% boost in fleet productivity, so many find that our system only ever saves them money, whilst paying for itself in the process!

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