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DVLA approved driver's licence checks

Quarterly Driver Licence updates & top up now available

Carry out a driving licence check online to get an insight into your employee’s driving licence eligibility. This fulfils your duty of care as well as helps to reduce driver risk.

RAM Assist can very simply check your employee driver’s licence status by carrying out an automated driving licence check online. Carrying out this kind of check is becoming increasingly important for businesses that have drivers who are using company vehicles for work-related events. We help you carry out a licence check quickly and easily, so you know if your driver is eligible to be on the road.

Features include:

  • Notifications of driver’s licence status
  • Licence endorsement Information
  • GDPR-compliant, easy-to-use cloud-based platform

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Driver check now available on RAM Assist web portal

Using RAM Tracking to check driving licence points supplies your business with features that are vital to keeping you as profitable as possible:

  • Check the number of points on your licence for all of your drivers at once by adding them to a list
  • Our system allows you to order the list by the number of points each driver has accrued
  • Download a PDF of points accrued by each driver, each month

Partnered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) you will never get caught out with out-of-date licences. Use RAM Tracking and check drivers licence statuses in seconds.

We have made it even easier with our online driving licence check, you can carry out the licence check within our fleet/workforce management software RAM Assist.


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A record of driver's licence points

The courts can hand your drivers a fine as well as “endorse” their driving record with penalty points if they are convicted of a motoring offence. These endorsements must stay on their driving record for a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 11 years. This depends on the offence that they have committed.

If you build up 12 or more penalty points within a 3-year period (6 penalty points in 2 years for new drivers), then you can be disqualified from driving. Something which is often the cause of penalty points is speeding – if any of your drivers are caught speeding, the minimum penalty is a £100 fine along with 3 points to the licence.

This is why carrying out an online driving licence check on your employees is so important, if you carry out a check through our system, you will have a record of the driver’s points within the last year and you can even download a PDF of when they have received points, allowing you to keep tabs on if a driver is not eligible to drive.

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Risk Management

Up-to-date information on your drivers with a DVLA licence check. Identify at-risk drivers the moment that they become a risk to save money.

You're In Control

Do you have drivers with previous accidents on driving convictions? You can carry out a DVLA driving licence check more often for these drivers.

Automatic Checks

Once your drivers are set up, licence checks are an automatic process, so you don’t have to worry. This reduces the overall risk to your business.

Reduce Admin Constraints

By having an automatic process in place, it takes the weight off of your admin team. No more manual licence checking!

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Avoid hefty fines with frequent licence checks

Having drivers who are ineligible to drive at the wheel of the company vehicle will cost your company thousands. You can carry out the driver’s licence check to a frequency that suits your needs.

If someone has a past of driving convictions or even has a history of accidents, carrying out DVLA driver’s licence checks on them helps you know if they are no longer eligible to drive.

Additionally, using our cloud-based solution ensures that you can simply do a driving licence check online and get the most up-to-date information on the drivers within your fleet.

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How much do automatic driver lookups cost?

This will change depending on the frequency of your driver’s licence checks. It will cost a different amount if you have them quarterly than if you only check once a year.

However, we charge a flat fee for each time that our system carries out a check on an individual driver’s records.

Having a variety of options for how frequently you carry out these checks allows you to get a more in-depth understanding of the number of points your drivers have as well as allowing you to fully control your budget.

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