DVLA Approved Driver Licence Checks

Quarterly Driver Licence updates & top up now available

Easily monitor drivers driving licence eligibility, fulfilling duty of care and reducing driver risk.

Our system will carry out automated checks on a driver's driving licence. Driver's Licence checking is becoming increasingly important for businesses with drivers using vehicles for work-related events. We make the driver's licence checking process a simple, quick and easy process.

Features include:

  • Notifications of driver licence status
  • Licence expiry date notifications
  • Licence endorsement Information
  • GDPR compliant, easy-to-use cloud-based platform

RAM Assist driver's licence check on a computer

Driver Check Now Available On RAM Assist Web Portal

DVLA Driver's Licence Checks provide key features that are vital to keeping your business profitable. Partnered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) we can ensure you won’t get caught out with out-of-date licences.

We've recently made Drivers Licence Checks available on our Fleet/Workforce Management Software RAM Assist.


Risk Management

Up-to-date data on your drivers, provided directly from DVLA, which ensures you identify at-risk drivers as soon as they become a risk.

You're In Control

You define how often checks are performed. Carry out checks more often for drivers with driving convictions or a poor accident record.

Automatic Checks

Once your drivers are set up, the process is automatic so you don’t need to worry. This reduces the risks to your business.

Reduce Admin Constraints

Reduces the administrative burden of checking licences manually.


Avoid Hefty Fines With Frequent Lookups

Thousands of companies face hefty fines for having unlicensed drivers at the wheel of their vehicles. Our new cloud-based solution ensures you will receive up to date driver's license information for all of the drivers on your fleet.


How Much Do Automatic Driver Lookups Cost?

We charge a flat fee every time our system checks an individual driver’s records. You can choose the verification frequency depending on a driver’s status, so you can control your budget more effectively by channelling the cost towards at-risk drivers.

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