Proof Of Delivery App

Now it's never been easier to complete work with evidence checks. From a simple signature and image capture for delivery, right through to installation work completion, photos of the finished work and a sign-off of the work completed by the customer, our app takes care of it all.

Example shown of our app on a phone where the image has been uploaded and captured to show evidence of a delivery.

Electronic proof of delivery

Within our RAM Assist app for drivers, there has always been a feature to timestamp the location whilst working or delivering goods. This shows when and where the driver was and for how long they were on location.

Proof from capturing evidence adds a layer to the work showing both the business and if required, customers proof the work has been carried out, eliminating any dispute or questioning on if the work has been carried out.

  • Signatures required for important deliveries.
  • Capture images of work for customers showing what was upgraded or fixed.
  • This sits alongside the existing timestamps in our RAM assist app feature.
  • Adding a signature is simple, just sign on the phone screen.
  • Images just use the phone's camera and upload (see right image).

Image of a manager review the evidence captures in evidence checks on the desktop

Fully Accessible Proof of Work Evidence Stored

  • Once the images and signatures are uploaded, they will appear on the desktop version. 
  • These can then be reviewed if work needs to be checked remotely.
  • As all the work is signed off, invoicing can be sped up and sent out as work has been approved.

Customers have found this feature to be a game-changer and with the evidence in place, potential disputes about work carried out or goods delivered are easily quashed.

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