Fleet Manager - Using Software To Increase Profitablitiy And Productivity

A fleet manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the operations of a fleet of vehicles, typically for businesses or organisations that rely on transportation as a crucial part of their operations. The role involves a wide range of tasks aimed at optimising:

- The efficiency,

- Safety, and

- Cost-effectiveness of the fleet.

Our information gives some key responsibilities of a fleet manager and how our system will help make the job revolutionise your business!

Driver checking his car to report into the fleet manager

Fleet Reporting - Using data to streamline business costs

  1. Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs: Ensuring that all vehicles in the fleet are well-maintained and regularly serviced to prevent breakdowns and maintain optimal performance. This includes:
  • Scheduling routine maintenance,
  • Addressing repairs promptly, and
  • Managing maintenance records.

RAM Tracking's features include:

  • Notifications of manufacturers servicing via mileage. 
  • MOT reminders.
  • Daily vehicle checks for drivers to complete and stored for 3 years.


  • Vehicles that are scheduled for repairs stay on the road longer.
  • Vehicles that are checked tend not to breakdown.
  • Vehicles off the road for less time means more jobs are completed.
  • Customers who rely on the business get a better service.
  • Vehicles with comprehensive records will stay legal and avoid fines.


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image of a driver filling their car and being monitored by the fleet manger to ensure good economy on fuel.

Fleet fuel reporting

2. Fuel Management: Monitoring and managing fuel consumption to reduce costs and minimise environmental impact. This might involve:

  • Implementing fuel efficiency programmes.
  • Monitoring fuel purchases.
  • Optimising routes to minimise fuel usage.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour.
  • Ensuring personal use if allowed is correctly allocated for tax.

The huge costs of fuel can be streamlined through the points above. Our customers have saved on average £300 per vehicle per month.

RAM Tracking features include:

  • Exclusive bp discount fuel card with up to 10p per litre off pump prices.
  • Driver scores based on driving performance:
    • Show speeding.
    • Harsh acceration.
    • Harsh braking.
    • Idling times.
  • Route replays to optimise both poor driving to improve fuel efficiency and cut route times and distance.
  • Simple fuel reciept uploads to keep admin time down.
  • Reports to instantly caluclate a job cost both in fuel, vehicle costs and labour.


  • Cut of fuel costs by 15%-20% in most cases
  • Business reputation 
    • ​Safer and better driving.
    • Getting to customers quicker.
    • Keeping track for customers too.
  • Save hours of admin an invoice correctly for jobs with accurate job times and associated costs.



driver at the wheel being assessed by the vehicle tracking system for best driving practice

Driver management - safety and compliance

3. Driver Management

Staff are usually hired for their skills in doing their job at hand not for their driving skills necessarily. Often there needs to be processes in place to enusre safety and compliance

  • Training and supervising drivers.
  • Ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and licences.
  • Operate vehicles safely and efficiently.
  • Monitoring driver performance, behaviour, and compliance with company policies is also important.

By having a system in place to make sure documents are kept up-to-date and a place for keeping compliant data should it need to be called upon.

RAM Tracking's features include:

  • Driver checks straight from the DVLA.
  • Notifications can be set up for document renewals.
  • Lots of reports like route replays and driver performance scoring to quickly analyse improvements.


  • Know your drivers are legally allowed to drive.
  • Better driving and training saves fuel and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Record driver hours so laws are not broken with time-stamping.
  • Keep tabs on private versus commerical miles if allowed to be tax compliant.

Some software solutions offer features to help manage compliance with regulations, such as driver hours and vehicle inspections, reducing the risk of legal issues.

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Image depicting the fleet manager software interface on a computer and mobile phone

4. Route optimisation and data analysis.

Time can be just as important as saving money as it increases productivity which leads to more work getting done (and happier customers)

  • Planning and optimising routes to minimise travel time and fuel consumption.
  • Route replays show and highlight driver errors and poor performance to calculate how to better their driving.
  • Calculate the true cost of a job with automation in reporting.

RAM Tracking features include:

  • Route replay reporting with easy-to-understand stats.
  • Financial reporting that instantly calculates a job incorporating vehicle and staff costs.
  • Sharing options to give customers access to see how close their delivery/rep is.
  • Full map views of the entire fleet should a job need to be reassigned quickly.


  • Saving of money with less spent on fuel.
  • Wear and tear of vehicle is extended longer.
  • Saving of admin time and hours on reporting.
  • Increase in productivity with more jobs completed daily.


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picture of a van involved in a crash on the road, the driver has the app on his phone to inform the team that he can't get any work done.

5. Dealing with the unexpected:

No-one wants it,  but over time everyone experiences events that unexpectedly occur which have to be dealt with.

  • Vehicle breakdown.
  • Incidents involving a crash.
  • Delays due to congenstion.

RAM Tracking's app for drivers and system gives:

  • Instant notifications along with notes that can be sent straight to HQ to then be actioned.
  • Tracking maps can help drivers avoid hot spots and be re-routed.
  • Admin can help with accident assistance or pick up if the vehicle needs to be towed back for repair.
  • Nearby drivers can be given the work instead with additional support from our job management software as an option.


  • Getting things moving as quickly as possible.
  • Minimal disruption to service.
  • Easy way for drivers to stay connected to the team.
  • Jobs reassigned in a click of a button (job management option).


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