April 2017 Speeding Regulations

From April 24th, new government guidelines means speeding just got even more costly. Now split into three bands, A, B and C – hasty drivers will have to dig deep if their speed is deemed unreasonable – with costs escalating to a maximum of 150% of a drivers’ weekly wage for the most serious B and C offence. This portal provides a series of articles and infographics on how this change will seriously impact businesses from a legal, insurance, commercial and operational point of view.

One year later: How have income-based speeding fines impacted business fleets?

Telematics Overview: Why 2017 Is The Year to Monitor Your Fleet's Foot-to-pedal Culture

Infographic: Why The UK Needs To Drive Down On Speeding

Legal Overview: It's the same crime, but it's certainly not the same fine.

Legal overview: Received a Notice of Intended Prosecution and don’t know who was driving?

The New Speeding Laws And Fleet Insurance

Case Study: AMCO: reduced their speeding tickets by 51% by actively monitoring driver speed

Whitepaper: April 2017 Speeding Regulations - A practical guide for businesses