By RAM Tracking on 16 Feb 2024

The Benefits of a Dash Cam for Fleets

In today's dynamic business landscape, fleet managers face many challenges ranging from safety concerns to operational efficiency. Fortunately, the integration of dash cams into fleet vehicles offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges head-on. Dash cams bring many opportunities to fleet operations:

  • Enhancing driver safety.
  • Mitigating liability risks.
  • Optimising fleet performance.

Whether you're a seasoned fleet manager or are just starting out in the industry, understanding the significance of dash cams is vital for maintaining an efficient fleet. In an era where every decision counts and margins for error are slim on the roads, utilising technological advancements such as dash cams can transform your fleet management. Regardless of your level of experience, embracing the advantages of dash cams is not just advisable—it's essential for sustainable growth and success in fleet management.

How do dash cams work?

Dash cams are compact devices attached to a vehicle's windscreen, they serve a function in modern driving by capturing the road ahead or the driver in real-time.

  • These cameras activate whenever the vehicle is in motion, or when configured to do so through hardwiring.
  • They can be triggered by events such as collisions or detected motion.

Dash cams ensure a continuous recording loop, where older footage is automatically replaced by newer recordings, effectively ensuring that critical incidents are never missed.

One of the standout features of these devices lies in their storage capabilities.

  • The recorded footage is securely stored either on an online cloud platform or an SD card, providing fleet managers with convenient access to historical data for analysis and review.
  • The versatility in storage options not only enhances accessibility but also ensures data integrity, making dash cams the preferred choice for fleet management solutions.

Dash cams offer more than just a passive recording function—they provide fleet managers with:

  • Invaluable insights into driver behaviour.
  • Real time recording of road incidents.
  • Proof of vehicle performance.

With their seamless operation, efficient storage solutions, and comprehensive recording capabilities, dash cams can be essential tools for ensuring safety, security, and accountability within fleet operations.

The advantages of a dash cam

Dash cams offer numerous advantages for fleet managers, which can help transform their operations. Whether you want to keep an eye on your drivers or introduce training for new workers, the footage you collect can be invaluable.

  • Enhanced safety: Dash cams promote safer driving behaviours among fleet drivers as they know they are being recorded. This can lead to a reduction in incidents and risky driving practices, potentially lowering the risk of injuries and fatalities.
  • Incident evidence: In the event of an incident, dash cams provide clear and unbiased evidence of what occurred. This can help speed up insurance claims processing, determine fault accurately, and potentially reduce legal liabilities.
  • Driver training and coaching: Fleet managers can use dash cam footage to provide personalised feedback and coaching to drivers, helping them improve their skills and adherence to safety protocols.
  • Fleet optimisation: By analysing dash cam footage, fleet managers can identify inefficiencies in routes, vehicle maintenance issues, and areas for improvement in overall fleet operations. This data-driven approach enables better decision-making to optimise resources and reduce costs.
  • Protection against fraud: Dash cams can help prevent fraudulent claims such as staged incidents or exaggerated injury claims by providing undeniable evidence of the actual events.
  • Increased accountability: Dash cams promote accountability among drivers, knowing that their actions are being recorded. This can lead to greater adherence to company policies and regulations.

Dash cams empower fleet managers with valuable insights and tools to enhance safety, efficiency, and accountability within their fleets, which may lead to improved performance and cost savings.

RAM Tracking dash cams

RAM Tracking offer two dynamic dash cams perfect for fleets, whether you want to ensure driver safety or keep an eye on behaviour, our cameras can help you improve operations:

  • Thinkware F70 SD dash cam:
    - Provides 1080p Full HD video quality.
    - Features a parking surveillance mode that allows continuous operation even when the engine is turned off (requires setup against default settings).
    - Offers multiple recording modes, including continuous recording, incident recording, manual recording, and fail-safe recording.
  • Queclink CV200 live dash cam:
    - Offers a 60-second live camera feed, allowing you to monitor your drivers at any point during their journey.
    - Equipped with a Full HD front-facing camera and a separate secondary rear-facing camera for increased flexibility.
    - Remains powered on after the ignition is turned off, enabling you to request videos even when not on a journey.


The integration of dash cams into fleet vehicles presents a solution to the many challenges faced by fleet managers in today's dynamic business environment. These compact yet powerful devices offer a many benefits that not only enhance safety and reduce risks but also optimise fleet performance and promote accountability.

  • Capturing real-time footage of road incidents.
  • Providing invaluable insights into driver behaviour.
  • Offering a seamless recording loop.

All these elements mean dash cams can empower fleet managers to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement within their operations. Additionally, their efficient storage solutions and broad recording capabilities ensure data reliability and accessibility, making them the preferred solutions for fleet management.

  • With RAM Tracking's range of dynamic dash cams, including the Thinkware F70 SD dash cam and Queclink CV200 live dash cam, fleet managers can harness cutting-edge technology to elevate their operations and drive sustainable success.

In essence, dash cams are not just passive recording devices; they are necessary assets that empower fleet managers to navigate the roads of success with confidence and efficiency.

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